If you’re a digital native, the concept of having a life away from your screen might be a tad challenging to wrap your head around. This is mostly so because much of our life today is based on the internet. From our businesses (e-commerce) to our entertainment (TV shows, video games, etc.), and everything else in between, our lives are heavily reliant on our screens.

Indeed, the virtual world of our screen offers a lot of advantages. However, the disadvantages are equally enormous if you think about it. For starters, it’s general knowledge that staying too long in front of a screen can harm your eyes. Alongside that, it has the tendency to make you withdrawn and unable to function socially.

As such, we’ll be sharing five things you can do to build a life away from your screen. Consider them escapes from the dreadful 1s and 0s of computer language.

  1. Take a walk around

During this time, don’t just plug your earphones in. While walking, take your time to see and admire the beauty of the world around you. You might be wondering, “what’s so nice about uncle Wale pumping tires by the side of the road?” But, looking for something beautiful in a seemingly irredeemable situation might be the creative stretch your mind needs. Just don’t forget to use your mask and follow social distancing protocols.

  1. Clean everywhere!

This is particularly fun if you’re looking to get your hands working for as long as you can. Get up from your bed, put some music on, and put your phone down. Afterwards, start cleaning. From underneath your bed to the kitchen cupboard you seldom visit and even the bottom compartment of the wardrobe, clean anything and everything.

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  1. Try out new recipes

Who says cooking is a woman’s job? Right alongside their female counterparts, some of the most highly paid chefs in the world are men. So, get on the internet, search for new recipes to try out and improve your cooking skills. Make yourself into that priceless husband material!

  1. Destroy that puzzle

Not literally! No, what I’m saying is that you should start working on it. If you don’t have a puzzle, you could try getting it at any store close to you. If you want, you could start small or you can get cracking on a thousand-piece puzzle. The advantage is that you’ll get to develop your mind and improve your thinking.

  1. Read

Some of the greatest things in life are within the pages of a good book. Pick up whichever book catches your fancy and start reading. Considering that you’re trying to avoid screens, it goes without saying that you might want to read hard copies instead of e-books!


We’ve spent a significant amount of time at home this year already. As such, the chances are that you’ve also spent a considerable amount of time in front of your screen. But, it’s not too late to start enjoying the offers of life that don’t come with a screen brightness adjustment. It might seem difficult. After all, how else are you supposed to watch Arsenal teach Man City a lesson? However, trust me when I say that it’s worth it.