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Living for Something Worthwhile

“Life’s good”, so says LG. Imbibing such a slogan and identity by the electronic company speaks more about the concept of life. Same goes for the perception being held by the company to have stuck to such catchy phrase. By and large, the declaration helps defines the principles of life by which influences the company in its product and service delivery.

An outright treasure it is to own a life but, whether it is good lies in what it contains or represents or stands to achieve. This will, no doubt, stand the life out.

One interesting thing that differentiates everyone is the purpose for which each person lives his or her life. When the purpose is identified, then everyone other thing align with such purpose fittingly.

This topic would be better discussed around a personality commonly known to majority of people. And that person is the most-richest African, Alhaji Aliko Dangote. Does the name speak volume to your hearing? It certainly does!

From a very humble beginning, this man had a dream no other person knew, saw or understood. He started out in life as an entrepreneur at a tender age. According to him, he got the business idea while he was in primary school, when he took pleasure in selling cartoons of sweet for money. Though, he was from a wealthy family, a great grandson of Alhaji Alhassan Dantata, the richest African at the time of his death in 1955, he chart a path for himself, and a successful one at that.

This richest African controls vital industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, textile, telecommunication, banking, real estate, etc. Right now, this man has amass huge presence in the whole of African countries and helping to carve a niche for Nigeria on the world stage. This is a prime example of one who is living for something worthwhile.

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You and I can do same, or even more than he is doing. No doubts at all! What makes Alhaji Dangote different from what he was several years back was his purposeful living.

He lived for something worthwhile by helping to provide capital to serve in food production, with the establishment of various companies in the food business: Dangote Flour, Dangote Sugar, etc.

You cannot beat the reach of his desire in satisfying the manufacturing sector with Dangote Cement, and other business interests in textile, real estate, oil and gas, to mention but a few.

Living for something worthwhile could not be anything more than this. It is fitting to say that in the service of mankind, as exemplified by Dangote, lies the living for something worthwhile.

Now comes the question: what are you living for; or by what would you want the world to remember or recognize you? The answer is with YOU and YOU alone.

Make your choice today to live for something worthwhile and if you’ve already settled this a long time ago, then check to see if you’re still on track; or there is need to hone your skill to do more. Never rest on your oars.



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