Everyone desires to imbibe good habits, but it takes discipline to make it happen. There are many good habits that men would like to imbibe, and I believe that one of the important ones should be good dressing. Men who dress well all the time are those who have adopted good grooming as a habit, thus setting themselves in a class of their own.

Dressing well once or twice is not enough; it serves no good. Once you dress in a wrong manner after that, people immediately forget your good dress sense of the past. They base their opinion on what they see on you today.

What then should be our attitude if we experience this? We should make a habit of good dressing. It doesn’t matter if we are dressed casually, for official purposes or for social functions, we should make it a habit to always appear crisp and decent. Once it becomes our habit, it becomes a component of our everyday life. It forms an unconscious competence inside of us and flows naturally. It becomes a somewhat automatic pattern of behaviour. Here are simple methods that can help you make good dressing your habit:

1. Be deliberate about it

This is one of the simplest ways to make good appearance your habit. Being deliberate requires you to make conscious effort about it. Some deliberate efforts like planning what to put on before any event, getting your clothes ready before events amongst others. It is not advisable to wait till it is very close to an event before you start contemplating on what to put on. It takes away your sense of creativity. This is because you are now constrained by time and might want to act based on that.

2. Have a dress plan

A dress plan helps you to plan for events. It is a map that helps you to determine what you should put on to different events. A dress schedule goes along with your schedule for events and also helps you to get your clothes ready before that date. For instance, if you go for official assignments on Monday to Friday, and a social event on Saturday and Sunday, a well organised dress plan can help you with such schedule of events. This is very important, because it helps you to be organised.

3. Compare standards

When you attend events learn to compare your dress sense with others. This is not meant to make you have a sense of inferiority, but to always make you improve your dress pattern after every outing. It is to make you know if you put on the right dress quality. When there is no standard, there will no improvement. There is always room for improvement in everything we do including dressing. That’s the essence of the comparison. Your comparison should always be with someone who has a good, nice dress and not someone celebrating mediocrity in his dressing.

4. Dress well frequently

Repetition, they say, is the mother of lasting impression. What you do frequently forms an unconscious competence in you. And that competence forms a standard which you can’t go below. Anytime you go below the standard, you feel odd and uncomfortable. Psychologists say that any act we do for twenty-one days becomes our habit. And once it becomes a habit, it becomes a natural phenomenon.

I conclude by saying that you should make good dressing your habit, just as George Santayana said: “Habit is greater than reason.” So, stop the excuses and start cultivating the habit of good dressing today.