Facebook ranks as one of the top social media websites in the world today with billions of users every day. It has become a community of many users who are sharing content, stories, pictures, videos, connecting, selling, marketing, and making the world more digital. It all started as a platform where people can connect with friends and family and catch up on old times but today it has moved beyond being a place for personal interaction to making business contacts and more.

Facebook also happens to be the largest social network in the world and the third most popular website in the world. In this post, I will be sharing strategies through which you can make money using your Facebook account and the features it has. Check these Facebook money making strategies out;

Building A Mailing List

Email collection is one of the ways one can use to make money and you can use your facebook to build your list and there are a number of ways you can build your list using your Facebook Account;

You can add free products and gift items that people will have access to the moment the sign up to your mailing list. This will require you adding your sign up link after which the free gift will be sent to them. This can include e-books, songs, gift items, etc.

Posting on Facebook groups

You will need to join groups that are related to you and what you talk about. One needs to follow on the type of posts that are posted on the group page and the kind of questions that are asked; that way you provide answers to them while linking your landing page with your sign up link included.

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You can also add apps from your email service provider that will be installed to your Facebook page as a call to action tab. Different email providers include; Aweber, MadMimi, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

Selling Products

As one of the largest social media websites in the world, Facebook is an ideal place to pitch your products for many people to buy from whether online or offline. These you can do through the following ways;

By posting your products to your audience on facebook and also using target ads to reach those who are most likely to buy them.

The use of custom audience feature like the Power Editor to showcase your products to those that are in your mailing list.

You are also allowed to add custom tabs on your facebook page that will ask visitors to buy directly from Facebook or redirect them to your online store.

Promote your products on different Facebook groups that you are part.

The use of images or cover photos that shows your products and the benefits that comes with it. You can also add the link to your product store in the pictures.

Leads Generation

Facebook is a great place to generate leads for your products and this can be done in a number of ways. Generation of leads involves trying to convince a prospective customer to eventually buy your product. Ways of generating these leads include;

Write review post on your blog about the products you are selling, share the post on your Facebook Page and groups and also further promote it using Facebook Ads.

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Demonstrate your expertise in your area of focus in various Facebook groups by regularly posting answers to questions being asked.

Create a group for your area of specialization; that way you can pitch products to group members.

Participate in other blogs and popular websites; if you offer value advice people are most likely to request for your services.

Promote Books

Since you have created a mailing list of subscribers, it will be wise to write books and also promote it on Facebook. There are many ways to promote your books; create a cover page of the book, write short reviews and benefits of the books to potential readers, create a page for the book, join a group of book lovers, create images of quotes and excerpts from the book, create short video reviews of the book, share testimonials from people who have read the book and more.

Market Affiliate Products

You can share the pictures of the products that you are an affiliate of while adding your unique affiliate referral link. You can run blog reviews and video reviews of such products and further promote them using Facebook Ads to target people who are most likely to buy. You can on your also reach out to people on Facebook using the messaging feature and tell them some benefits of the products you are marketing. The marketing of these products can be done in the various groups you have joined. Check out more about affiliate marketing.

Facebook has over the years evolved from just a social media platform to one where people can make business relationships and make sales as well. Many features have been added for you to maximize sales and make some good revenue for yourself.

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