Most men desire to put on shirts that will fetch them compliments. Nice shirts contribute to smart looks which make an impression about one’s personality. Regardless of the quality or brand of your shirts, you can always keep them crisp and clean. However, this requires a conscious attempt.

It is easier to let professional dry cleaners handle your laundry needs, but you can as well learn the art and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with taking care of your own clothes while saving some money on the side. This article seeks to equip you with relevant tips in this regard.

Tip 1: Wear them less

Most men are guilty of wearing the same shirt over and over again because they don’t want to do laundry too often. This is not a good habit as it makes your shirts look old faster. Rather than wearing a single shirt repeatedly, have different shirts and wear each of them once a week, or at most twice, depending on the environment in which they are worn.

Tip 2: Scrub with care

In a bid to ensure that their shirts are properly cleaned, men often scrub the collars excessively. Excessive scrubbing does not only weaken the collar of your shirt but also hastens wear and tear. All you need do is scrub with care, once or twice. That is why it is advisable to wash your shirt as soon as you have worn it once so that the collar will not accumulate so much dirt.

Tip 3: Starch your shirts

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Adding starch to your shirt stiffens the shirt and makes it command more attention. It helps you stand out from the crowd. In starching your clothes, you must realise that starching is different from rinsing and should not be done together. Rinse your shirts before starching them.

Tip 4: Iron them properly

It might interest you to know that as commonplace as it seems, not everyone knows how to iron properly. Proper ironing requires proper matching of temperature and fabric so that the shirt will be smooth.

Tip 5: Wear fitted shirts

Fitted shirts make you look smart, unlike oversized shirts which may send the wrong message about your personality. People get to see you before they hear you speak; hence it is important that you pay attention to the non-verbal cues being communicated by your dressing.

As the saying goes, “deep calls unto deep”. When you look good, you attract good-looking people to yourself. Helen Fisher, an American scientist, expressed this well when she said, “Good looking people are always looking for other good looking people.” You need to look like the kind of people that you are trying to attract.