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Multiply Your Success – Lead by Sam Adeyemi

In Multiply Your Success – Lead, Sam Adeyemi challenges the traditional paradigm of leadership and presents practical principles through which anyone can maximise his/her potential as a leader. Noting that the keyword in leadership is influencing people to achieve great goals, the insightful teacher explains that one can only influence people to the extent to which one has developed competence and character which are the core ingredients of leadership. He says that while positions may give one an opportunity for leadership, they do not necessarily make one a leader. To be a leader, one must add value.

In this 124-page book, Sam Adeyemi emphasises the need to develop the right mindset about leadership coupled with key qualities such as vision, courage, integrity, love and perseverance. He thinks giving people vision is a rare thing to find, yet it is in great demand. This underscores the need for leaders. However, one cannot be a leader without first catching a vision for oneself as people are only committed to following visionary leaders. Without a personal vision one cannot inspire other people to follow, much less give them a vision.

The author establishes the fact that leading people entails first solving personal problems and replicating the models of one’s personal solutions for others. Leaders with vision see things and people not just the way they are, but the way they could be. The foundation for improvement, change and progress is vision. He says when God opens one’s eyes to see the future, one sees it as real as the present though being yet abstract so that when sight is clear enough it moves the visionary into action. This, he says, is traveling into the future by meditation or imagination where one cannot be limited by time or space.

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Sam Adeyemi posits that there is a prevailing need created by the inability of others to recognise potentials and that can be a niche to someone who would be a leader because people naturally get attracted to a person who believes in them. This is because most people either do not believe in themselves or do not have people who believe in them. Therefore, one can determine the kind of leaders and followers the future community will have by making it a habit to dream and help others do the same. The author says that starting small is not the problem of leadership but dreaming small.

Expounding on the importance of competence and character as the bedrock of leadership, Sam Adeyemi cites the example of Jesus Christ who nurtured leaders like Peter and the other disciples by character or principles. He points out the place of integrity in leadership as against hypocrisy which erodes a leader’s credibility and influence. He adds that leaders lacking integrity will depend on position and forceful coercion to secure cooperation rather than on moral authority. He says that admitting one’s weakness engenders trust among followers and teaches them to be honest.

Making a case for principle-centred leadership, the author identifies another opportunity for leadership in the gap that will be left by leaders who have built their lives and pursuits on chance and unstable ground. He says such leaders are unstable because they did not build their lives on principles which are guaranteed to produce results. Consequently, these leaders are subject to situations and circumstances which are never stable. The author says it is important to leverage on principles because they are established and have been proven. By incorporating the right principles into one’s life, one can make changes to the mind, thereby creating massive external changes which make people willing to follow.

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The author favours the principle of love as the basic principle for success in leadership, stating that self-centredness is like a spreading cancer, going from the top to the very last person in the followership chain. He says that the moment one begins to think that someone else deserves the highest quality of life, one will begin to get ideas and conceive new visions on how to make it happen. Further pointing out the need for discipline and self control, he notes that satisfying legitimate bodily appetites, when done in violation of God’s laws, cause leaders to lose their moral authority and frustrate their potential for success.

With relevant illustrations from the scriptures, personal experience and contemporary history, Sam Adeyemi drives home the need to not only desire quality leadership but to also rise up to the challenge of developing one’s leadership potentials. Wherever you are in the journey of success, Multiply Your Success – Lead is one book that will furnish you with proven principles, actionable insights and practical ideas that will accelerate the development of your leadership abilities and help multiply your success.

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