Ben Ezenwa, Enugu State wrote:

I’ve been courting my fiancée for two years and it was time to take the relationship to the next level by meeting my fiancée’s parents in Calabar. Excited about the prospects of finally marrying her, I informed my relatives and we all left for Calabar to formally meet my babe’s parents.

After the warm reception accorded us in Calabar, we requested for the details of the bride price. In no time, my fiancée’s parents gave us an outrageous bill of N3.3 million for their daughter’s bride price.

Dazed by the outrageous bride price, my family members are prevailing on me to call it quits with the relationship, insisting that the bride price was outrageous.

My fiancée’s parents are bent on collecting the N3.3 million as the bride price while my family members are calling on me to severe the relationship.

Truth be told, I love my fiancée. We’re still in love. She seems incapacitated and unable to resolve this logjam. The N3.3 million bride price is stalling our marriage.

What should I do?



Your dilemma is an interesting one, Ben – and one that is easily resolved. Do you have the 3.3 million naira bride price? Can you pay it without doing grievous harm to your finances? If the answer is “Yes”, then go ahead and pay it. However, if you answered “No”, you have two options – you either call it quits or you get your babe to further negotiate with her parents. You said that she seems incapacitated, but the truth is, she is not. If she is indeed convinced about your relationship and ready to get married to you, she knows how to prevail on her parents to soften the terms. Don’t underestimate the persuasive powers of a woman in love. Also, you and your fiancée can tell your in-laws that one can never finish paying the bride price; so they should allow you to pay it across the years in monthly instalments.

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