I sit on recruitment teams a lot. One interesting thing I find is that ever before hearing a candidate speak you already have an idea where your votes would swing, and you are waiting for them to either live up to it or be a complete disappointment. With this everyone seems to have a fair chance; the only trouble is that the initial idea you get about a candidate goes a long way in determining the little things you would overlook or amplify.

Now mind you, at certain stages in an interview process, we interviewers are acutely aware that any of the remaining candidates would be a good fit for the role. This is why the real task in recruitment is not finding good clients but identifying the best of the best. With this background, the goal for any serious candidate cannot be just to be good enough or better than the individual that walked out of the door just before them; no matter how disastrous that person was. Your goal really should be to be the best of the best. And to be the best of the best, it behoves you as a job candidate to win in the little things. The little things are those little details that would be used in disqualifying other candidates at the steeper parts of a recruitment process.

Many times, at this point, it is beyond ability as ability ceases to be a competitive advantage because everybody has it. I hope you know that. When everyone has something it cannot be used to describe any particular individual. Just like if you want to look for a particular student in an all-boys school where the uniform is white on white, saying “He is the boy in white” has no contextual meaning really, because it describes everybody. In the same way, any student expecting to be spotted because he is a boy with white uniform is clearly not aware.

The same goes for recruitment. And at the point being described in this article, all the recruiter would be looking out for is one word: Excellence. From carriage to looks to grooming – and mind you – this is not just combing your hair because at this time the concern is not with the good, the focus is on the excellent. So in the light of this, what must you as a candidate do? To be continued.

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Photo credit: Steve Prezant/Corbis