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What exactly is the demand of excellence?

Firstly, excellence is a nature. It is intrinsic value and no one can really see it. However it has an external expression – in your dressing, your character, your level of consciousness and awareness, your repertoire of knowledge, your mannerisms and your communication. It would seem complex because there seem to be so many things you have to pay attention to at this point. However, it is not quite so, because the ability to do this is a function of nature, not practice. And by nature I mean habit. At this time it is difficult if not futile to pretend because it is who you are that we would see.

This is why I advise people to start training themselves to be excellent as early as possible in life. Have a distinguished character. Be the kind of person that when you come under scrutiny, people can applaud. Refuse to be a well-packaged bulk of emptiness – nice suit, no content. You can succeed with this at the lower levels but when the stakes are higher your content would have to come through for you.

On the other hand, do not be a lot of useful, intelligent content packaged in the wrong clothes. The trouble with this is that you may not even be allowed to qualify from the lower levels where a lot of emphasis is on packaging and separating the “so called” good from bad. So you see, you cannot do without any. Build yourself to be very excellent and package your excellence in fitting clothes such that whatever level you are operating at, whatever the emphasis for selection is, you would always be on the winning side.

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