The internet is ridden with productivity hacks that are supposed to make you work better. A few of them are effective. Unfortunately, some of them don’t fare well in the real world.

To help you with that peculiar problem, we took our time and compiled a list of the top nine productivity hacks you’ll need if you really want to get things done. They are:

1. Don’t multitask

It is a known fact among several people all over the world that multitasking is a myth. In fact, according to professionals, when you think you’re multitasking, you’re just switching from one activity to another very quickly. So, technically speaking, you’re distracting yourself and reducing your efficiency. Stop it! 

2. Work at intervals

You’re a human being. As such, you can only focus on something for so long. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It’s perfectly normal. Based on this, try to give your mind and body what they want. Plan your time properly, work for a few minutes, take a break and repeat. It’ll help keep you refreshed and productive.

3. Set specific goals 

Your goals could have a daily time limit, a weekly one, or even a monthly limit. Regardless of its expiration date, a goal would act as a drive to keep you going and ensure productivity.

4. Remove distractions

It could be your mobile phone. It could be your Bluetooth speaker. It could even be that TV program that is droning on in the background. Take them all out if they’re distracting you. Otherwise, your mind will begin to hone in on them, wander off, and leave you unproductive.

5. Create a dedicated area for work

This will help you to mentally filter between work and play mode. Whenever you step into your workspace, your brain will get accustomed to seeing it as a place for seriousness.

6. Collaborate with others…

You can’t do everything by yourself. Our entire civilization, as humans, is a proof of this. So, divide work occasionally and share it among relevant parties. This helps to keep you focused on a particular area without losing purpose and becoming unproductive.

7. …But know when to go solo 

As great as it is to work with other people, the importance of doing it yourself cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes, depending on other people for help can be more of a drag than an actual solution. So, when it’s not necessary or when you’re more functional than the entire team, you can just work alone.

8. Do not overwork

As a freelancer, among other professionals, you could get work more often than usual. Because of the money-making potential it has, you might be tempted to take it all. Don’t! Doing so could be detrimental to your productivity because you’ll be stretching yourself too thin.

9. Make the most of meetings

Whether at work or with a client, a meeting is an essential part of work. It serves as a ground for discussing ideas and reminiscing over past actions in preparation for the future. However, they can drag on for hours if they are unchecked. So, always try to prevent yourself from falling into the abyss of a prolonged meeting. A great way to do so is by informing the client beforehand that you’ll be leaving at a stipulated time.

In Conclusion

There are so many other things you can do to stay productive. However, make these productivity hacks your foundation. If you do, you’ll be building yourself a nice skyscraper of productivity and effectiveness.


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