The concept of taking risks should not evoke negative reactions as though it meant going on a suicide mission. Risk taking is never a horrible experience; rather it is to be seen as an adventure or an interesting journey filled with detours. We need to overcome our fear of risks – and we can only do that when we know when and how to take them.

In order to conquer the deep-rooted fears in us, we must consider taking more risks. We must always do something to move out of our comfort zones. Taking little risks, like trusting someone, a total stranger with little amount of money could help.

To take risks, we may also consider doing things you have never done before. If you are the “shy type” who does not know how to handle ladies, my candid advice is for you to consider making more female friends. As you go out every day, make sure you complement the appearance of ladies you meet. You can say things like “I like your top” or “you look beautiful”. All you may get back is a smile but that smile is unquantifiable.

If you are afraid to go into a line of business that suits you, consider taking little bites. It is never good if you have to rush your meal. See the new business in the larger picture rather than its emotional colourations. See it as another opportunity to learn something new rather than the failure your mind may picture. In some cases you may trust your instincts or guts feeling. Assure yourself that nothing will go wrong.

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