Starting today, we’ll be doing a mini-series on perfectionism. Our aim is to help you identify if you’re a perfectionist or to see the traits that are common in people affected by perfectionism, at the very least. Alongside that, we also want you to know the dangers that come with the condition because it’s really not a very flattering thing, no matter how you see it. Finally, we want to help you work through it if you have this issue.

So, are you a perfectionist? It would be easy to say no because you’re not always looking for things to be perfect. But, it’s a little more complicated than that as perfectionists have a varying array of qualities. Here are some signs you might notice in yourself if you’re a perfectionist.

  1. You constantly feel like you can’t do anything right

This is a sad offshoot of your desire to do everything perfectly. Unfortunately, humans aren’t gifted with the ability to be perfect. Nobody really is. So, if you feel the need to be perfect at something, you’ll probably never get to that level. While this is a normal thing for other people, a perfectionist would most likely start feeling sad and incapable of doing things right.

  1. You’re a major procrastinator

Being a procrastinator is widely believed to be a result of laziness. Quite the contrary, really. If you’re a perfectionist, you might get a task and feel very incapable of completing it perfectly. As such, you might just continue pushing it off until it’s too late. If this is the case with you, we have something that might help. Here are nine productivity hacks that actually work.

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  1. You’re not a great fan of relaxing

You’re constantly up on your toes, trying to correct this and that about everything. Even though you can see it getting on everyone else’s nerves, you’re still so bent on making things perfect. So much so that you don’t care about all the signs of stress your body is showing you. If these statements describe you, then you might be a perfectionist.

  1. You’re bossy and controlling

“To get things done right, you have to do them yourself.” Perfectionists are very firm believers of that Ideology. However, if they cannot do it themselves, they’ll try everything within their power to make sure that you do it the exact way they would do it. This means they’ll constantly butt into your work, interrupting you to make corrections at different points in time. It is colossally frustrating.

  1. You’re obsessed with rules

Sometimes, you have to play outside the rules and regulations. But, this very concept is foreign to a perfectionist. If you’re one, you’ll find yourself constantly attacking people for not doing exactly what the books say they should do. Even if it’s going to be beneficial to the project, you’ll still feel strangely comfortable abandoning creativity for rules.