Men are special because of the integral position they occupy in the family, being the basic unit of the society. So the way they present themselves: by composure, appearance, speech, association, etc. has a whole lot to tell about them. For this reason, they must at all times uphold that status at home and away from home with due responsibility.

Setting good examples is the quality that men must always strive to champion. Having said that, one of the major roles of example-setting lies in proper hygiene. When we talk about hygiene, it entails the body and environment. Who starts this? The man of the house. For the single man, he also should see it as a must for personal development and for future proper family keeping.


  1. The Mouth: The breath coming out of the mouth can either make or mar someone. It makes one if it is always kept clean by brushing at least twice a day. But it can indeed mar one when it is left in want of this need.


  1. The Skin: Delicate as this sense organ is, it equally can make the personality of someone appreciable. Wrinkled and uninviting skin tends to shrink one’s personality. Have your bathe twice in a day, it is necessary. There are various body lubricants that can be applied (pomade, cream, lotion etc.) to help the skin retain its shin and smoothness, as well as improve the skin texture or nature (such as softness, coarseness, porosity etc).
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  1. The Face: Of course, the face is also part of the skin too. Some men don’t care about how their faces look. They don’t make it a duty of evaluating themselves before a mirror unlike the female folks. All they do is just bathe and afterwards, off they go. Is anyone saying it is a female thing? Not at all! It is a necessity for all. You have to be well checked before leaving home.


Over time, the face tends to lose its texture and originality if adequate lubricants are not applied at the right quality and in proper quantity. We also operate in a tropical weather, where the harsh beam from the sun can harm the outer layer of the face hence, you see blackhead of various kinds surfacing.


  1. Hands and Nails: The easiest parts of the body where dirt and germs can stay are the hands and nails. Hence, adequate attention should be given to these parts of the body. The rule is keep it low and clean. If you must keep long nails, then keep them neat. Dirt hiding under the nail can be ingested while eating even when your hands are washed.


Dirt abound everywhere. Surfaces of the hands and clothes are first port of call for dirt to settle. The proper approach is use soap or detergent to clean up. Still, part of the rule includes: don’t dip the hand into your nostrils, as this is a common practice among folks. A clean handkerchief can do that bit conveniently.

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  1. Hair: One of the most visible parts of the body, by which one is judged. Not all hairstyles are fitting on you and in fact, not all are good for a responsible man. Proper combing of the hair after rubbing the lubricant (cream) is the tradition and must be done as many times a day. But if you cannot keep your hair groomed then barb it.


The pubic (in-between the thighs) and axillary (underarm) hairs too must be shaved. Care must be taken so as not to injure the very delicate and folded skin layers there. A large number of men do not do this and it contribute to the overall body smell they give out. Sweats are trapped in these parts and because of their hiddenness, they pass out offensive smell over time. Washing these parts are also very much recommended.


Having said all of these, all men must know that they would be judged by the way they are dressed. Therefore, keep a clean sheet always.


By Shofuwa, Paul