The classroom was silent. Mrs Smith was handing out to students their last homework sheet. As she did it, she wrote the word plenipotentiary on the whiteboard. Then she turned around and said, ” Attention boys and girls. This word is almost the hardest English word in the world. So, your job is to put this word into a sentence. I’ll give you an example for flower. “In the middle of the circle was a large teardrop shaped flower garden”. You see? Nice and easy. Now, whoever makes a sentence for the word plenipotentiary, there will be no homework for a month for him or her. So, start now. PLENIPOTENTIARY.” Nobody seemed to do it but a boy called Darrell ( Stupidest kid in the classroom) far in the back raised his hand. Everybody stared at him and opened their mouth. Even Mrs Smith. ” Oh Darrell, don’t tell me you got it. I mean it is impossible for you to get the right answer for easy questions in the first place.” Mrs Smith embarrassed him. Nearly everyone laughed. ” No Miss, I actually got it. So here it goes, ” In the classroom, the teacher shouted out the word plenipotentiary.” ” Darrell replied. Later, he went home knowing that he don’t have to do homework for a month.

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