“Don’t let your girlfriend come and beat me oh” she said

“If I had a girlfriend, I would not be talking to you on the phone for this long and by this time of the night” I replied.

“Ahn ahn, how can a fine boy like you say he does not have a girlfriend”?

Okay, before I go on with the rest of the conversation, let’s take a second to analyse the last question she asked.

This is the most popular question I have been asked by girls I have had feelings for… well, to be honest, it is the second most popular question after “how was your night?”.

This is a rhetorical question

This question is the reason why many young men are single.

Whatever answer I give to this question will sound really stupid, even to me.

The only good thing about the question is that she acknowledged that I am a fine boy.

Who fine boy epp though?

“I don’t know why dear, that’s just the way it is” I replied after thinking and not finding a perfect response

“Hmmm” she replied, “you must know why oh. Brb, let me take a shower, when I’m back online you will give me the full gist”.

“Ok dear” I responded.

Now I’m struggling to come up with a convincing story.

The truth is I that I’m single and I really don’t have a genuine reason why.

But I have few minutes to come up with a lie that will make the truth sound like the truth.


by Uptownbros