Anxiety happens even to the most well-grounded people. All the traumatic news going around in the world recently is enough to make one curl up and weep all day long.A lot of men go through this emotion every day with the uncertainty of the economy, the unending drama of politics and the incessant murder of citizens every day. It is all enough to give anyone panic attacks.

Sometimes anxiety comes with shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, uneasiness, a feeling of dread and a flood of negative thoughts. If not remedied, it could sometimes lead to depression.

There are things that make one more susceptible to anxiety although they do not cause it. They are alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep and dehydration.

Before it gets to the point where a psychologist and drugs are recommended, you can try some simple remedies to control it.

Here are natural remedies that can ease that feeling of anxiety:

Exercise and meditation

Set out 30 minutes a day to exercise. Burning all that sweat fills the body with relief. It is difficult to think, negatively or positively, while working out. Also, take a few minutes of this time to meditate and let the mind exist in a vacuum. Taking up yoga is also a good idea.

Take deep breaths

No matter what tragedy happens it is important to keep breathing. Take a deep, long breath and exhale. Do this continuously for two to three minutes. Set a three-hour interval timer to repeat this exercise.

Set out stress sessions

Set out five to 10 minutes every day to stress about problems. When anxiety plagues, keep it till your stress sessions. This time might help you have a different perspective on certain issues.

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