There are two truths that are practically undeniable as far as our current world is concerned. The first is that if you want to make a change and make a better world, you have to begin with yourself and those around you. It could be as little as your nuclear family or your church/mosque. However, you must begin with your immediate social circle.

Another statement that rings true in the world today is that the future belongs to the world’s children. This fact is practically unarguable. Why? In the end, we all pass on. We’ll move to a better place, and it is those who we’ve left behind that will carry on protecting the earth, surviving, and going as far as thriving.

However, what happens when those left behind are carbon copies of those who once were? That might not seem like a good thing. But, if change must occur and if the world must move on, we cannot rely solely on our old ways of doing things. We need better ways of thinking and behaving, among other things and the old way isn’t the direct equivalent of that.

So, the big question now is, what must you do? To make a better world, what must you do to ensure that the new generation isn’t just an unoriginal copy of the first? The answer to this question is not farfetched.

You merely have to implement the first statement we made earlier. Begin with yourself and your immediate social circle. Here, the circle we’re referring to is your children and, just in case you’re wondering, the entire point of this article is to provide a few insights to raise your kids so they can create a better world. After all, the future is in their hands.

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Now, if you must make children who will end up doing the world as much good as it needs, what must you teach them? What values must you imbibe in them?


It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Start with the basics. Teach your children to be mentally and financially independent. Once upon a time, the entire world revolved around chasing after and getting a good school. We did things only because they are socially and culturally acceptable without so much as questioning what negative consequences they might have. Eventually, we would go on to get jobs and work ourselves into retirement.

This is okay, depending on how you choose to look at it. However, it only provides the bare minimum. To achieve greater things, you need a lot more than the bare minimum. So, teach your kids to be able to think for themselves. They should not be slaves to another person’s ideas or beliefs or wants or dreams. Additionally, they should not be slaves to money or material things and end up giving up their lives for it literally or figuratively.


To make a better world, teach your sons and daughters the dangers of entitlement. Entitlement simply means believing that you should have something for no other sensible reason than the fact that you should have it. It is what guides many criminals to do things which eventually contribute to the regression of society. Tell your sons that they are not entitled to a woman’s body. Tell your daughters that they are not entitled to special treatment just because they’re girls. By doing this, you would be contributing a world that offers equality for both genders.

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Above everything, teach your children to love and be kind to others genuinely. Much of human history is written in blood, strife, and hatred. All these are in no way conducive for a better world. So, teach your children how to love genuinely. Teach them to love despite having their love rejected. Teach them to show kindness regardless of gender, age, race, and whatever else makes us human.


The path to the great world we all want is ridden with difficulties. It is not something one individual can achieve in a single lifetime. However, we can all play our parts. This piece merely tries to help you to do that.