It’s so surprising how people choose to follow the dress pattern of someone they consider to be a mentor or a leader. It might not be wrong, but it is only valid if the leader knows how to dress appropriately. There are some leaders who feel that because their influences are far reaching, what they wear has little or nothing to do with their public acceptance. A local congregation had a leader whose influence was so visible to the extent that most followers chose to copy his dress pattern. They didn’t even care to know if his dress pattern suit them or not, they just wanted to appear like their leader.

Do you understand that if the goat puts on the lion’s skin, it will appear awkward? It’s because everyone has a unique style. Understanding your unique style helps you look smart and well dressed for every occasion.

What does it mean to understand your own style?

You have appealing apparel colours, sizes and shapes that make you appear smart and sharp. These apparel colours are dependent on your skin colour and other noted factors that are peculiar to you. Apart from these, here are noted reasons you should understand your own style.

1. Uniqueness: It can be said that the leader of that congregation who most of his followers chose to dress like understands his own style. And that is the reason, his followers noted his uniqueness. People dress the way they like, by either following the norm or copying other people. There is a place for that and there is also a place for you to define what will make you stand out as being unique. A popular Nigerian stylist Derele is one guy who in time discovered his own uniqueness. He defined his own style and today, he is the pioneer of a style that can only be traced to him. One of the ways to identify your own style is to know yourself.

2. It Makes You Appear Smart: Once you understand your style, any apparel you wear will make you look smart and sharp. This is because, it will match with your size and skin colour. You will become someone who can easily be spotted and referred to because you will stand out in the crowd.

3. You Become An Authority: An authority is someone who knows and understands what he or she is doing to an extent to the extent that others follow his opinion. When your style becomes so visible and identified just with you, you are then seen as an authority. Colleagues, friends and family come to consult you on your dress pattern. Then you can guide them to become faithful followers of a style you know originated from you.

4. It Can Be An Adopted Style: All styles originated from someone. Once your style grows just from you to people following it, you can be sure that very soon, it will start trending. And a trending style will not only be accepted, but also adopted by the society; it may become a line of fashion. If you are able to own the process, then you can generate income from it.

Your style is original, defines you and makes you unique. Stay to it and see the amazing response of the public to you being original.