In the simplest form possible, an urge is a strong desire to do something. At some point or the other, you would have had to deal with it. The helplessness you probably felt at the time is the reason you must learn how to deal with urges.

The things we feel the urge to do range from eating purely out of boredom to having unchecked sexual relations, even when single. Regardless of what it is, if you go too long without checking it, it could easily become an addiction. For that reason, we’ll be looking at three proven ways through which you can deal with urges. They are:

1. Talk to yourself

It seems a bit crude to randomly start talking to yourself when you feel the need to do something. However, as strange as it may sound, sometimes, an honest conversation with yourself is all you need. In those moments, appeal to your sense of logic.

Try to find out exactly why you’re doing it. Look for a justification. Is it because you’re bored? Are you trying to fill a deeper hole within yourself? Perhaps the reason you’re looking for the next lady to be with is because you have an unhealthy inability to cope with being alone for a while. When you find out what the problem is, you can then divert your attention to solving that instead of plunging yourself into another bowl of ice cream.

2. Do something else

As simple as everything seems in number one above, it can actually be a relatively daunting task. Sometimes, trying to “think” your way out of a problem is the equivalent of pushing a car while you’re still inside of it. So, if you find that too difficult, distract yourself.

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Next time you’re on your way to the TV to spend an excessively long amount of time, distract your brain with a different activity. You can get creative. Do you like to write? Pick up your pen. Do you like to draw? Start doodling. Whatever it is, just ensure you keep your mind engaged. This is sure to be helpful, as long as you haven’t gotten to the stage of addiction.

3. Hold yourself accountable

Sadly, the human mind has been pretty much programmed to see things in black and white. If this isn’t the case, it would be that. If this happens, it should lead to that. Thankfully, this rigid programming can work in your favor.

How? You can hold yourself accountable for your actions. Promise yourself that the next time you spend a ridiculously large amount of money unnecessarily on online shopping, you’ll have a punishment. It could be an extra 40 minutes of work or less food than you’d normally consume. Whatever it is, just ensure that you hold yourself accountable for your actions.

If this is too hard to do on your own, involve a friend. Even if you don’t see it, you crave validation. When your friend keeps correcting you, eventually you’ll feel remorseful and you’ll genuinely want to resist that urge.

Last Words

Urges are completely natural. It’s essentially your brain craving happiness, in a manner of speaking. As such, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Additionally, keep in mind that if you want to deal with urges, you might fail sometimes. However, you mustn’t stop at any point. Keep trying and eventually, you’ll tame your body.

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