One of the major advantages of the internet today is the sheer amount of opportunities it provides. From making a passive income to voicing your opinion and even seeking employment through job sites, the advantages are endless.

Sadly, despite the ample number of job sites available on the internet, many people still do not know more than a handful of them. As such, we’ll be listing some of the most popular websites and platforms that should come in handy when next you’re in search of employment I Nigeria. 

1. Jobberman

Since its conception in 2009, Jobberman has grown to become one of the most popular job sites in the country. It has thousands of job listings that are updated virtually every day. These jobs are grouped according to categories and industries, amongst others, making it easy to find what you need. With a well-optimized profile and a good CV, among other things, you’re sure to benefit maximally from Jobberman.

2. Hot Nigerian Jobs

The website is clean and user-friendly, making it particularly easy for you to navigate its virtual terrain. As soon as you log in, you’ll be met with a column that allows you to filter jobs by your level of expertise, educational qualifications, and job category. As soon as you click on one of them, you’ll be given the latest job listings in that regard. Much like Jobberman, this website also has daily job updates.

3. My Job Mag

One peculiar thing about this platform is that it goes a bit further in terms of job organization. My Job Mag provides you with the opportunity to filter jobs based, not only on industry or field, but on location as well. In addition to that, they offer CV services as well as salary research. With their daily updates and detailed company/job descriptions, it’s hard to complain about inefficiency on this site.

4. NGR Jobs

A popular feature of this job site is that it does not weigh you down with the burden of registration before you can use it. Simply visit their site, check out what they have to offer and you’re good to go. Additionally, if you want, the site can deliver job alerts directly to your email. It does not rank at the top for site design, but job seekers are unlikely to consider that a deterrent.

5. Job List Nigeria

A beautifully designed website alongside daily job updates with the option for email alerts is what you’ll get upon logging into the website. The best thing about Job List Nigeria is that there is a button on the job list page for you to email your potential employer immediately. A perfect representation of “cutting to the chase.”

6. Naija Hot Jobs

Like every other site on this list, Naija Hot Jobs can confidently boast of timely and regular job updates. However, beyond that, you’ll get the opportunity to join useful conversations with different users of the site. This could be particularly useful if you need one or two useful pieces of advice.

7. LinkedIn

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Technically speaking, LinkedIn isn’t purely a job website. But, that fact is the main reason it is on our list in the first place. This platform allows you to easily connect with potential employers and other professionals while showcasing your professional skills at the same time. There is so much to this platform that it cannot be covered in one paragraph. Not to worry, though. Pretty soon, we’ll be doing a special on LinkedIn that’ll teach you everything you need to know. Nevertheless, if you’re hunting for a new job, LinkedIn is definitely the place to be.


As a final note, you should know that things don’t just fall in place because you know a few job websites. If you are an active job seeker, take steps to make yourself employable. Read books, upgrade your CV, optimize your LinkedIn profile, etc. Following all of these would make your job search as short as possible.