One of the most interesting creatures of the deep blue sea is the shark. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, and species from Hammerhead to the Great White, among others. Regardless of what a shark looks like, one thing that is common among most shark species is their motto – keep moving.

This might seem strange to you. After all, sharks are apex predators. They are capable of tearing prey and even enemies to shreds with their perfect teeth, among other things. So, what could they be running from and why are they always moving around?

Well, the simple answer to that is a shark will die if it stops moving for too long. The science behind this is a tad complicated. But, to put it simple, sharks need to continue swimming so that water that is rich in oxygen can pass through their gills and keep them alive.

Human beings are very different from sharks. We can sit around all day, do nothing, and still survive for quite a while. It is one of the many privileges that the Creator has granted us. However, just because we can do it does not mean we should. 

Like all living things blessed with the power of locomotion, we are meant to move around often. This helps us to stay strong and healthy. As a matter of fact, if you don’t move around very often, you’re likely to do yourself more bad than good. Some people even suggest that staying put for too long can cut short your lifespan. This is shown in a recent study

Some Useful Tips to Follow the Shark Ideology

Now, it is perfectly understandable if you cannot always workout due to your busy schedule. However, for the sake of your health, you absolutely must make a habit out of moving around more often. To help you do that, here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Take a walk to go and buy food instead of ordering it on your phone. The same goes for inedible items as well. 
  • At work, try to get up and move around for five minutes after sitting down for an hour.
  • While taking a bus, rather than drop at your bus stop, get off one/two bus stops away from yours and walk the rest of the way.
  • Also, if you can stand in public transport, do so more often. 
  • You could also get a standing work desk at home. That way, you won’t always be seated when getting things done.

The list really does go on, but it’s up to you to tailor it to your lifestyle. Find peculiar times when you could walk instead of sitting around and use those times to move around. Just like the shark, if you must stay healthy, you must keep moving!

But, even outside the physical, you need to ensure that in every other area of your life, you keep moving. You must not allow yourself to get too comfortable with one position without trying to better yourself. The point of the shark ideology is to continue improving yourself in every way. So, financially, socially, physically, mentally, academically, and in every other way, keep moving!