Holidays and vacation periods are looked forward to, not only by vacationers, but also businesses and merchants. For businesses, holidays promise extra sales and income from shoppers who relax spending habits and personal finance controls.

If not watched, your spending habit can quickly erode the fun and joy of holidays and vacation. This feeling sets in when you return from vacation to find that your finance is in bad shape. Avoid this by observing these simple commandments of shopping during holidays.

1. Always plan before shopping

It is that simple, shop with a plan. Don’t leave the house without a well-written plan of what you are going to buy at the malls and for whom. And when you walk into the mall, go straight to the section and aisles shelving the items on your list. If you must detour to other sections, be resolved to do that only for information on things you will buy at future shopping. This way you save money and precious time.

2. Shop Around

On the surface, this may look contradictory, but it definitely is not. Don’t just shop at any fancy shop. Take a little time to compare prices and look out for discount shops. This can be done from the comfort of your desk. Check online stores for the prices of items on your list.

3. Beware of Special offer

Special offers where designed to make you spend a little more. Never buy them if they are not on your list. In some exceptional case, when they are on your list and provide a better bargain, they are known to be a good buy.

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4. Avoid going shopping with your Children

It is wise not to go shopping with young children this summer. They would distract you, into buying what you have not set out to buy. The malls also target kids for marking sales.

5. Check Reviews

If you are not sure about a product, check their reviews. A good idea is checking them up online to find what others are saying about the product.