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Should I Compromise?

Samson Chukwuma, Enugu state wrote:

My fiancée and I are getting ready for our traditional wedding. Prior to the traditional wedding, my fiancée’s family presented us with the list of items that must be bought for the traditional wedding. Some of the items listed were kola nut; schnapps, alligator pepper and palm wine. As a born again Christian, these items run contrary to my Christian values.

After repeated protest from me, the bride’s parents insisted that they must still be included or else the traditional wedding will be cancelled. My friends and relatives have advised me that I should give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and let the sleeping dog lie. Should I compromise my standard and buy those items in the list?



Samson, your values are the things that define your very existence. Compromising them is compromising yourself and losing the essence of who you are. Whatever you cannot do with a clear conscience should not be done at all; the memories may haunt you for life. In this case, the situation is not as difficult as it appears. You can politely let them understand your position and ask them to monetise their demands so that you can give them the money to buy whatever they want to buy.

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