If you are a Nigerian, you will know that intrigues and anxiety mixed up to define 2015 Valentine season. February 14, 2015 was initially set aside for Nigeria’s presidential election before it was abruptly postponed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) few days to the election citing the need for the armed forces to fully fight the insurgency in the North East of the country.

As a result of the anticipated election on February 14, many Nigerians have made little or no plans for the lovers’ day because of the expected traditional restriction on movement across the nation on Election Day.

Now that the election has been shifted and the day is once again free for lovers, how do we make the most of it?

1. Make a proposal

This year’s Valentine’s Day being a Saturday provides a great opportunity for a guy to finally pop the question. An element of surprise should be included in the proposal.

Proposing on Valentine ’s Day will surely be memorable for you and your beloved.

2. Go window shopping

One of the creative and cost effective ways of spending quality time with your lover on Valentine ’s Day is for both of you to go window shopping around your city. Your intention is to spend time together and have fun looking at the prices of various items in the malls and shops.

3. Go to the cinemas

Yes, cinemas will be crowded on Valentine ’s Day. But who says you and your partner can’t go and have your fun? Watch a romantic movie at the cinemas but a horror movie is a no-no on Valentine’s Day!

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4. Exclusive dinner at home

You can plan an exclusive dinner for your lover on Valentine ’s Day. You and your lover will enjoy it a great deal. It will be fun to celebrate at home devoid of the hustle and bustle that will be associated with restaurants in town.

5. Get on the phone with your partner

If by any reason, you will not be with your lover on Val’s day, one of the best ways to keep in touch with your partner is to have long conversations on the phone. Let your discussion transcend different topics and issues. Have a talk about the future to let each of you know where you fit in. Make the day count for both of you.

6. Change your DP to your partner’s

Why not give your partner the privilege of adorning your BlackBerry and Whatsapp DP for the day? Your partner will appreciate you greatly for giving that a thought.

7. Short sweet texts all day

If it is impossible to see your partner on Valentine’s Day, ensure you send your sweetie series of sweet, short and romantic texts or emails all day. Your partner will love you more for that.

8. Write about your love

Use the opportunity of staying indoors on Valentine’s Day to write about your union. Put pen to paper about your love; make it include how you met, your current status and maybe something about the future to give your significant other some hints about what you are hoping to share soon.

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9. Produce handmade cards

Instead of going shopping for Valentine cards, make them yourself. Add personal things that will mean something special to your one and only.

These are just a few suggestions. Since you know your partner best, get creative! Do something that will absolutely blow her away and make it a memorable day indeed.