Considering the traditions that governed marriage and childbearing in our parents’ days, it is not very likely that you grew up without siblings. In that case, think back to your childhood days. Try to remember how you related with your siblings and how you would often get into minor scuffles with them. That was sibling rivalry, and, in retrospect, it feels pretty normal. After all, everyone quarrels sometimes.

However, that rivalry could’ve become something much worse if your parents did not manage it efficiently at the time. So, in a manner of speaking, you owe your parents some gratitude for efficiently taking care of the situation. However, that is not the only debt you have to pay. You also owe a duty to your children to help them manage sibling rivalry and get along properly. That is why we’ll be sharing five useful tips to help your kids get along in this article. Without further ado, let’s dive right in:

  1. Teach your children conflict resolution skills

Considering that these little bundles of joy you have aren’t adults yet, you cannot automatically assume that they know how to resolve conflicts. If you don’t teach them, you should know that they won’t learn it from anywhere else because elementary education doesn’t offer this knowledge either.

As such, you must drill proper conflict resolution skills into your children. Teach them to listen when the other person is talking. In the same vein, tell them which language is appropriate to use and which ones they should avoid even when provoked. By doing so, you’ll be laying a proper foundation for virtually every relationship they’re going to have in their lifetime.

  1. Teach them to stand up for themselves

You might think it’s a great idea to always step in and defend the younger sibling being “oppressed” by the older one. Unfortunately, this might not always be the best line of action. The reason is that the older sibling could merely learn to prey on the younger one when there is no authority figure around. As such, instead of always being an intervener, teach your children how to stand up for themselves.

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  1. Don’t compare

Sibling rivalry comes naturally. No matter how much you try, there is a pretty solid chance that your children will feel a sense of competition with each other at some point. There is hardly anything you can do to stop that. However, while you cannot stop what comes naturally, you could definitely make things worse by constantly comparing one child to another. So, if you want to help your kids get along, don’t compare them to other children or even each other.

  1. Allow them some personal space

Cultivating an environment where your children can always share things with each other is an excellent idea. Things like living in the same room could be a great catalyst for bonding. However, they could also backfire if your children’s personalities are worlds apart. So, instead of keeping them in the same room and just waiting for their eruption, allow them some personal space. Even if you cannot afford to put them in separate rooms, you could start with little things like personal cupboards.


Child raising is a lifetime job that has its difficulties and challenges. One of them is being able to keep your kids at peace with each other. However, remember that we said it is difficult, not impossible.