This is one topic that we can definitely consider a huge elephant in the room. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that nobody wants to fail at. Unfortunately, sometimes, humans make mistakes and there is the slightest possibility that we might be marrying the wrong person.

Yes, it is indeed a hard pill to swallow. She’s your (potential) wife, and she was nothing short of perfect when you first met her. However, it is still something worth considering if you’ve noticed that you’re having a ton of problems. While the chances are pretty slim, you should still lookout for these signs to see if you might be marrying the wrong person.

  1. You constantly feel lonely, despite being in a committed relationship with her

Here, we’re not talking about mental health issues that can cause feelings of loneliness. Alongside that, we’re not talking about the occasional need for companionship that you might have. No, we’re talking about feeling genuinely lonely even when she is right there by your side, talking to you. This usually means that the feelings you have are not equal on both sides.

  1. You can’t connect with her

You’re trying to have conversations, and you’re trying to see if anything is wrong. However, despite your best efforts, everything keeps falling flat. You both say that you’re in love with each other and you tell people about how you want to get married. But, deep down, you feel like you’re just strangers. In a situation like that, it’s possible that neither of you has a bond anymore and you might be marrying the wrong person.

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  1. You’re only obsessed with the wedding

One thing that young people need to understand is that there is a significant difference between a wedding and a marriage. A marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires love, sacrifices, endurance, patience, and everything else you can think of. A wedding is just a day’s party where you invite people to witness your union officially. If you’re both just obsessed with the wedding with no thought of the marriage, you might not be the right match for each other.

  1. She is physically or emotionally abusive

This is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. You cannot afford to commit yourself to a lifelong partnership with someone who is going to put you down constantly or is harmfully unstable in her emotions. It’s equally bad if they’re continually attacking you physically to cause you harm. If she is already showing signs of that, she’s not very likely to change, and you just might be marrying the wrong person.