Lots of women have often accused African men of not being romantic. Romance to some African men means kowtowing to women’s emotions and wishes, so they rarely show any romantic tendencies for fear that they might be termed as “woman wrapper”. In some African settings, men that are romantic are considered weak.

In spite of the perception of romance in Africa, many men still go out of their way to ensure that they are romantic. The fact is that romance is needed to foster and cement conjugal relationship.

Here are simple ways to show how romantic you are on a regular day:

Give Her a Surprise Call or Send a Text

One of the ways you can show how much you care about your spouse is to give her an unexpected call or send a text in the middle of the day. Your message and voice will lighten up your spouse’s day. When your spouse picks your call, tell her you are calling just to hear her voice.

Mysterious Letter

Another simple and cost effective way you can show your romantic side is to send a mysterious mail and letter to your spouse regardless of whether you’re together or apart. A message from you will send smiles radiating all over her. The content of the mail or the letter can take any shape just as you are inspired.

Open the Door for Her

Every gentleman and romantic man always opens the door for women. Women love men who are considerate. Open the car door. Hold the door for women to pass by. That’s a good way to show how romantic you are.

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Hold her Hands

Endeavour to always hold hands with your spouse whenever both of you are outside. Holding hands creates greater bonds between two of you.

Record a Voice Call

Instead of typing a message and sending to her on BBM or Whatsapp, record a voice message that details how much you love your spouse and send it. It will be a delight for her to hear your voice.


Photo credit: Steve Prezant/Corbis