In virtually every sense of the phrase, 2020 has been a pretty rocky year. On a global level, there have been fears and actual challenges springing up here and there. From the WWIII scares to the Australian fires, to the global pandemic, it has not been particularly easy to set achievable goals.

However, the good news is that if you can read this, you are still in the race. Things can and will still get better. This isn’t a motivational talk. It’s how the world works. Life constantly swings this way and that. But, if you must enjoy some of the good things the world has to offer, you must be deliberate about it.

For that reason, we’ll be walking you through six achievable goals you can set for the second half of this year. They might not be as grandiose as setting up a new world order, but they’ll play their part in putting a smile on your face every day. They are:

1. Communicate better

On a large or small scale, without communication, the very foundation of our society will fall apart. Haven’t you wondered why humans started advancing when they started communicating better? As such, from July till the end of the year, make conscious efforts to communicate better with the people around you. Instead of merely keeping quiet, among other things, make efforts to convey what’s in your mind politely. In addition, never let your words be driven by anger.

2. Lead a healthier lifestyle

As a student, you would have spent no less than ten weeks at home. As a working class individual, you would have been stranded for about six weeks, all thanks to COVID-19. It’s possible that you weren’t able to deal with urges and you just let yourself go. However, over the next six months, you can correct that. Workout more often regardless of your age. Eat better food and live a generally healthy lifestyle.

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3. Spend more time with your family

These are arguably the closest people to you. They might not share your interest in Lionel Messi being the world best footballer or anything of that sort. However, it is no reason to constantly sideline them to hang out with “the boys.” Ignoring them for work isn’t a good idea either. Over the next six months, adjust your schedule to fit them into it.

4. Increase your savings

We can’t give you specific figures here because your finances are quite peculiar to you. Nonetheless, you should start working towards saving more. You know as well as we do that there are a few expenses you can do without. Shed unnecessary excesses and keep some money in your reserves. You’d be grateful that you did.

5, Be more organized

Organization has a way of making things work smoother and better in your life. At work, you’ll be able to get things done a lot faster. If you apply it to making daily, monthly, or yearly plans, it would help you cover a lot of ground too. Over the next six months, do your best to avoid haphazard decision-making.

6. Curb procrastination

The killer of productivity is none other than the other P word – procrastination. If you must make up for the time lost during COVID-19, you need to procrastinate less. It’s difficult but paradoxically as simple as just doing it. Next time you want to move a task, just get up and start doing it instead. It’ll go a long way in helping you make the most of what’s left of 2020.

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Final Thoughts

There are only a few hours left before we get into the second half of the year. At the risk of sounding like a cheap motivational speaker, you can either make it count or you can waste it. Set achievable goals now and work towards them.