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Six Ways to Love, Cherish and Honour Your Wife

How can you keep your marriage going? How can you make it work? If you don’t love, cherish and honour your wife, your marriage may be heading for the rocks. You will lose the potential sweetness and bliss. Loving, cherishing and honoring your wife is fundamental and underpins a successful marriage. So, how can you achieve this? Here are a few tips:

#1. Be generous with kind and appreciative words

Send text messages and chats, write short notes and cards. The idea is to know what medium would be befitting to your intentions.  Write kind and encouraging words.  Appreciate her. Written pieces can be long-lasting. She may read them over and over again long after you wrote them. Say pleasant words to her too. Be intentional.

#2. Encourage her even when she thinks she has failed  

Your wife will fall short or assume she did, many times. Do not berate her. She is not your maid or child; she is your wife. Be firm enough to discipline her when you have to but know the limits.

#3. Let your actions, as well as your words show respect

Do you know there’s a way you would talk to or respond to your wife and you would appear disrespectful or as taking her for granted? Or you could be wrongly emotive with act or react towards her. Don’t sit in front of the television while she washes the dishes and cracks her brain over what you should eat, picks up after the kids, gets them to bed and then does the laundry. She is first your wife, then a mother and a homemaker.

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#4. Talk with her and pay attention to her when she talks to you

Woman love attention. Have you heard that before? It’s true. Talk with her at dedicate times and on the go. Plan your discussion, be spontaneous too. Find out what she’d like to talk about. Close the laptop, drop the phone, mute the television, look her in the eyes, and be responsive. As you talk with her, find out what she needs. If you ask her what she needs and then listen carefully, you will discover them and know her better.

#5. Do not compare her with others

You may be tempted to compare your wife with other women. When you do, you re saying: “Change. Be like Mrs X or I won’t love you.” On the other hand, if you accept her just the way she is and show her that you really love her, she may change simply because she feels free to do so. You may admire MRs X and think your wife would be better off looking like her. Well, too late; you are not married to Mrs X. You are married to your wife and it’s your duty to help her become, not just who you want her to be but all that she can become.

#6. Spend

What should you spend on? Different things. Love gives, so buy her gifts, accessories, things that will make her happy and look good. Take her on a date. Yes, she’s your wife, but you need that romantic getaway and atmosphere sometimes.

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By Patrick Abadom

Patrick is an in-house Editor at the Ready Writers Consult, a leading Content Development firm.

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