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Sleeping Posture: What You Need to know


The human body is made up of skeleton, flesh, blood and water, aside the fact that it also embodies the soul (spirit) and mind. All of these must be in good condition of health for an individual to be said to have a good living. And the working mechanism of all of these matters a lot to any right-thinking person.

This is why we have to keep ourselves informed about it, hence, the putting together of this piece for the men of Valour to help cultivate a good sleeping posture and habit. The Valour Digest is aware of the demand to have desirable rest at night and other times. Our teeming readers, of course, should not be denied the valuable tips that can safe them the stress of not having a good sleep, in addition to freeing them from avoidable pains after the sleeping session.

Many times, we complain of neck pains, arm twist, muscle cramp, and a host of others. This is where the sleeping posture matters and should be paid due attention in order to have a stree-free rest at night. Enjoying a desirable rest depends on how well you place yourself in bed. And this goes a long way for a night well-deserved.

The sleeping area (bed, mat, floor, etc) deserves a mention because it is a major concern to us and this is one of the basics, which contribute so much to a good night experience while asleep.

What you need is a soft bedding, sufficiently spacious for occasional or repeated turnings while sleeping. Always adopt a bed that befits your body size (height and weight) and not the one which restricts you to a limited space and forcing your body to squeeze or fold. When this occurs, you cannot escape pains the morning after.

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Sleeping on a couch, bench, plank, table or any other improvised flat surfaces, is a bad practice, which must be discontinued. Avoid it. No matter the condition, whether you are at home or away at work, event, get yourself settled on a flat platform allowing for a full body stretch. You deserve a night of bliss, not one beset with anguish.

The sleeping posture depends on individuals need for comfort, which is non-negotiable. But for those who have not had a peaceful night experience, we recommend you imbibe sleeping on your back. Sleeping sideways puts either of the two arms under pressure, occasioned by the body weight, thereby retraining desirable blood flow on the affected body part(s).

Even when you choose to use your arm as an improvised pillow, there is the possibility of limiting effective blood flow to that part of the body.

Pillows are bed accessories but you need to make a mindful choice for yourself and family. Avoid using hard pillow stuff rather, go for moderately soft material that can offer you the needed depth for your head while resting on it.

The bed itself should be hard enough to sustain your weight, disallowing a curvature-like appearance in bed. Long stay in a bed supported by a spring stand for instance, distort the body posture, by creating a bent laying posture, capable of instilling pains on the back. The human vertebral column (backbone) naturally curves inside and one needs to be conscious of this, by making the right choice of bed surface, texture, length, etc. The basic idea is to keep the shape of the vertebral column intact.

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In same light, sleeping on your chest allows you rest on either sides of your face but not on the frontal face. While a pillow is used, you could strain your neck, owing to the reason that the pillow could lift your head beyond acceptable convenience level.

A moderately lifted and lightly stuffed pillow would give you a balanced body-head and head-neck posture. This could be achieved by choosing a pillow, which in any way, avoids putting pressure on your neck, such that the neck bends than necessary.

Folding of limbs should not be encouraged although, some people find it fitting for a good composure in bed or maybe, it offers the individual concerned a calm feeling of a sort. For others, it is preferred that the hands are separately kept or clamped on the chest. Whichever works for you keep it up.

Above all, when night calls for rest, respond in time. Do not hold back. Let your mind seize from any thoughts, whatsoever, that could obstruct a smooth switch. Remember the parlance: early to bed, early to rise. Chances are there that when you go to sleep late, you may not have a good rest all through. Therefore, you find it hard to recover lost energy due to the past day’s work and hassle.


Shofuwa, Paul



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