From planning with precision to hiring an extra helping hand, there are simple steps you can take to incorporate strategies that will make running your business effective.

We hear a lot in business about ways to cut corners and make everything quicker and easier. Of course, there’s no way you can truly do this, because you will always compromise on quality or potential at some level.

However, there is something to be said about working smarter and developing strategies that make work easy in order to get the best out of limited resources and focus on productivity. The faster you learn to do this, the better off you will be in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can adopt a “work smart” attitude and apply it to your business.

The first and arguably most important step is planning.

This isn’t just knowing what meetings you have in the day; this is about prioritising and ranking tasks and projects by their level of importance. This is critical to streamlining your thought process when making strategies that make work easy and taking business decisions. It can seem impossible to gather your thoughts and create clarity in your mind when you have a lot of work to get done. As a startup this is especially true as you juggle the conceptual, admin and financial sides of a business all at once. You understand your business better than anyone so make things easier for yourself by being organised from the outset. Eventually all of the preparation will help you make better thought-out decisions – leaving less space for mistakes.

As a new business, you will be strapped for cash, so initially you will be doing much of the work yourself.

However, in order to grow as a business, you have to focus on your business model to refine it. One key area that will help you is hiring extra resource to share the load. He may be a full or part-time person – you will know what’s best for your business. This will also help you think through while trying to develop strategies that make work easy. Remember you have to be able to justify the cost of bringing somebody into the business. I have spoken in a previous piece about hiring at the right time – if your workload justifies it and you can find someone that really adds value, then you know the time is right to make a hire.

If you can find a specialist in an area that is key to your business, you will reap the benefits of delegation by saving your time, while working with individuals who have the expertise to help your business grow.

The benefits of working smarter are undeniable. Not only will you have a better work/life balance, but you will be more satisfied with the performance of both yourself and your business. You can focus on the areas that matter most, and this can only be of benefit to the overall growth of your business.