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22 Facts about Your Life Purpose

Have you discovered the purpose of your life? Here are 22 facts you need to know about your life purpose:

1. It is the key to your greatness.

2. It is not determined by your past or present location.

3. It has nothing to do with your family background or standing in the society.

4. It may have nothing to do with your present career or the job you are doing now.

5. It helps you to set your priorities in life and identify what is really important and what isn’t.

6. It helps you to apportion and make use of time more productively.

7. God will require an account of stewardship from you on what you do with it.

8. It takes an accountability system to continually live and fulfil it maximally.

9. It is what you will do with joy and look forward to doing everyday.

10. It will bring you great contentment in life and give you a sense of fulfilment.

11. It helps you to identify your destiny partners: e.g. who to marry, who to be close to in friendship, who to go into business with, who to hire as workers, who to submit to etc.

12. In the field of your purpose, you are a king and a celebrity.

13. It is in the Word of God.

14. It takes God and His resources to fulfil it.

15. You are not really successful if you are not fulfilling or living it.

16. It guides you to make the right choices and decisions in life.

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17. It is not something you learn in school, seminars, workshops, or conferences.

18. It has been in/with you all along, merely awaiting discovery.

19. You might have been fulfilling it without knowing.

20. You don’t have to leave your present job or career to start fulfilling it.

21. You can make a career out of it.

22. It can be commercialised to earn you a living.


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