Book Title: Soul winning Out Where the Sinners Are

Author: T.L.Osborn

Publisher: Harrison House/Osborn Foundation

ISBN-10: 0892741864

ISBN-13: 978-0892741861

Number of Pages: 140

Year Published: 1980/1996

Soul winning Out Where the Sinners Are makes a strong case for missions and evangelism among the unreached people groups, in non-Christian zones and among people who ordinarily would not come to church. Observing that Christians have the tendency to devise various programmes aimed at bringing sinners to church, the author emphasises the fact that Christians ought to go out and win the sinners right where they are rather than cuddling up in church and expecting the sinners to stroll in.

The author notes that while the early New Testament Christians carried out two forms of evangelism – mass evangelism and personal/house-to-house evangelism, Christians today are taught, trained and drilled on how to invite people to church rather than how to actually lead souls to accept Christ right out where they are. Against this backdrop, T.L. Osborn posits while mass evangelism only reaches those who come out to the crusade and church enlistment evangelism only reaches those who come to church, personal evangelism can reach “every creature.”

Furthermore, the book asserts that personal soul winning is the call of God that rests upon every Christian on earth; and the one dedication that removes the Christian from the position of a spectator. The author notes that while prayer is important, it is not enough to pray, we must go out and do the actual witnessing. Citing Jesus Christ as an example, T.L. Osborn notes that since Christ came to seek out and save the lost, we Christians ought to be active soul winners thereby allowing Christ to continue His work through us since He now resides in us. This position is further strengthened by the command in Luke 14:23, “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” To this end, the book asserts that soul winning is the primary call of every Christian; hence we do not need any special “calling” to become soul winners.

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The author goes on to advance seven reasons why he’s a soul winner and why every Christian should be:

1. Jesus was a soul winner

2. The harvest is so great

3. The labourers are so few

4. We have no choice because of the Great Commission

5. Soul winning is vital to ensure the fulfilment of prophecies concerning Christ’s return

6. We must win souls so that the blood of sinners will not be on our hands.

7. We must win souls because of what we have experienced.

With lots of illustrations and personal examples, the author establishes the fact that soul winning is our supreme task as Christians; we must not just talk about it, we must do it. Our goal should be to reach the maximum number of people (especially in the neediest areas) through every means available including salvation/healing tracts, gospel tapes and faith books. He however points out that the most effective evangelism tool is the printed page. He adduces several reasons for this, some of which include:

  • The written word will go where the human voice cannot go.
  • The written word is often more powerful than the human voice. (e.g. II Corinthians 10:10)
  • The written word knows no fear; it flinches in the face of no man
  • It never tires but works 24 hours a day, even when we sleep
  • It is never discouraged but will tell its story over and over again
  • It can be received, read and studied in secret.
  • It speaks without a foreign accent.
  • The written word is more permanent than the human voice.
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Consequently, every Christian who wants to win souls to Christ should learn the power and effectiveness of witnessing with the printed page. In addition to distributing these materials ourselves, we can participate in this ministry of soul winning by praying for the dedicated workers who carefully and prayerfully distribute these “printed preachers”. We can also pray that every tract or book will be like seed sown upon “good ground,” and that it will bring forth a bountiful harvest. Furthermore, we can sponsor the publication of these Gospel materials.