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Spending Your Weekend the Right Way

All seven but two days in a week are for working, either for self or an employer. But the present situation offers that the two days considered weekends, are sometimes busier than the remaining five. The five work week constrained you to a work schedule designed by self or the organization you work for. Moving into the end of the week, however, is an opportunity to define how your leisure should be spent.

Choices of how to spend your weekend are yours to decide. As men of Valour, this publication’s mandate is to help you achieve the most, if not all, of your potentials. Do you know if you don’t have enough rest, an opportunity the weekend provides, you are likely to be exposed to restless, heaviness, tiredness, etc. When these become the case, your weekend cannot give you the best you desire; it would have been a lost weekend.

Owing to the business-laden week, most of your house chores are left undone. That is expected. Tidying up your home is the way to start a wonderful weekend. Yes, you cannot afford to leave your laundry dirty, floor unkempt, body unbathed, etc. Proper cleaning of your home relieves you of the burden of dirt occasioned by the long week of work. So, you have to bring back the freshness and coziness for a good weekend.

Having done that, spending your weekend the right way entails you visiting the cinemas; the money should not scare you. Watching movies cost between N800 and N1,500 in popular cinemas in major city centers. No matter where you live, get yourself the movie chart and make your choice. You may get a friend or family member to accompany you, so you don’t become a loner at the Cinema. At least you have someone within reach to discuss your movie experience.

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And if you are a sports fan, keep yourself abreast of major league matches featuring favorite teams around the world. Do not limit yourself to watching your team’s match alone, however, let every good match catch your fancy. By that, you leave nothing out of making a fun-filled weekend.

Eating good diet is a necessity. And your weekend should give you an ample of time to eat well to your belly’s satisfaction, away from the busy week, during which could not eat desirably, because of the tight work schedule; even when you do, you do not have enough rest to allow for good digestion.

We also encourage Men of Valour to employ reading intellectual and spiritual literature, such as the Bible and Quran, whatever your faith. You can get divine inspiration by that. Novels, news contents, academic books, etc are also rich sources of knowledge for your take. Caution should be ensured here, since whatever you take in stays with you and influences your thought and life, as well. On no condition should you filter in anti-social or obscene materials, potentially capable of drifting you away from acceptable social norms. We cannot afford breeding badly baked individuals, who would not benefit the family, local community and larger society in any way.

In whatever way you have decided to spend your weekend, let caution play its role too. Moderation is key, and this offers that, in all you have chosen to do, self-control should define it, so you don’t get

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