Before getting married, I often prayed about finding and marrying the right woman. When I eventually met her, I became preoccupied with spending time with her, getting to know her, and later planning for the wedding.

However, what I did not do was to plan and think through how we would sustain the passion and romance in our marriage. I guess I assumed things would take care of themselves.

Of course, in life, things rarely take care of themselves. Whatever we neglect or leave to chance deteriorates overtime.

According to Dr David Oyedepo, “If you see anything working anywhere, do know that people are working it out.”

Are you abandoning your marriage, your spouse and children for your career, business or social goals? Do an audit of what you spend your time and money on. The area in which you seem to spend more time and money is an indication of your priorities and values.

Make up your mind to please your spouse. Do the little things she would appreciate; things that would make her feel loved and valuable. Anyone can get married, but staying married is where the work is.

The only marriage you get when you leave things to chance is a boring one.


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