In spite of the health benefits that come with sport, approaching it casually could create health risks which might be incapacitating or fatal.

It is unfortunate that some fellows may be unaware of their low threshold in terms of the required tolerance for the kind of sport they desire to participate in, thereby sustaining avoidable injuries which may be internal or external.

It is even more pathetic if casualties of such injuries have refused to heed prior warning as regards the unsuitability of their bodies for such sports. A classic example is seen in the sports vocation of the legendary Muhammad Ali – boxing. Some folks are hell-bent on taking up the rigours associated with this kind of sport, choosing to enjoy the benefits it promises, such as body fitness, rather than the higher goal of staying alive. Such people disregard potential complications associated with unsuitable exercises.

Different kinds of sport are associated with peculiar kinds of external vulnerability. Consequently, there are specialised wears and gears that cater for impacts and injuries to the areas of the body that may be particularly prone to injuries in each line of sports.

Internal injuries should be even more dreaded than the external ones because of the relative subtleness with which they cause their damage. These sorts of injuries are not readily diagnosed at their onset and the symptoms may aggravate to the point of death in a moment.

For instance, a sportsman might have been said to have a condition with his blood circulatory system and told that the condition may be managed. However, such sportsman may suffer sudden, unanticipated failure of that system of his body because the conditions under which the ailment was said to be manageable have been breached by the patient, rendering initial medical verdicts void.

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It therefore behoves anyone who intends to dedicate himself/herself to any kind of sport to run a comprehensive check on his/her health, assessing the suitability, sustainability and applicability of his/her body to that sport.