Fathers should correct offending children; however, fathers, sometimes, fail to correct in love and accentuate positive statements that can bring out the best in their children.

Every child needs the validation of a father. As a father, your role is to  make your children build self-confidence in life as they face different situations.

You can help them achieve this by reiterating more of these statements to them:

1. You make me proud
2.Your words are very meaningful
3. I’m grateful for you
4. I love you my child
5. You have great ideas; you can of course improve on them
6. Being your parent excites me
7. You don’t have to be perfect to be great
8. You are loved by us all
9. Your opinions matter
10. You are important
11. I believe you
12. This family wouldn’t be the same without you
13. I believe in you
14. You can say no
14. You are valuable
16. You can say yes
17. You were right
18. I know you did your best
19. We can try your way
20. I accept who you are, but I know you can be the best
21. You are quite helpful
22. You are worth it
23. You make me happy
24. I love your creativity
25. Honestly, being around you is fun
26. I can’t wait to hear about it
27. Don’t be afraid to be who you are
28. You’re making a difference
29. I’m excited to spend time with you
30. You’re interesting
31. I love seeing the world your unique way
32. It’s good to be curious
33. I love your curiosity
34. I love the way you tell stories
35. What you did was awesome
36. I admire you
37. I trust you, and will always trust you
38. That’s a great question
39. Your friends are lucky to have you
40. That was a really good choice
41. Seeing you happy makes me happy
42. Being your parent is my favourite job
43. I learn new things from you everyday
44. You make me better with your views
45. I’m so glad you’re here
46. Thank you for being you
47. You are a good boy/girl
48. I’m so glad you’re here
49. You look great
50. Watching you grow up is the most interesting thing ever
51. I understand you
52. That was really brave
53. I forgive you
56. I appreciate you
57. We all make mistakes
58. Yes, me too
59. You are very good at that
60. You can try it again tomorrow
61. Nobody is perfect, not even we your parents
62. No everyone will like you, and that’s Okay
63. You did that so well
64. I love the way you said that
65. I’m listening
66. That’s a very fair point
67. You are beautiful inside and out
68. I could never stop loving you
69. You are more than enough
70. You make my heart full
71. I could not have asked for any other child than you.

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Say these words regularly to your children and observe the difference.