Everyone loves being recognised, applauded, esteemed, and given their own special space. That is good. People also generally have a way of creating a strong awareness about their presence or better still so much noise about little capability and achievements. That is okay as well. However, many a times, it might not be necessary to make so much noise painting your image as the authority in what you do because the public might easily be carried away by the hype. However, the weightiest are usually noiseless about their image painting. I have this amazing story for you below:

The Javan Rhino, also known as the ‘Sunda Rhino’ or the ‘lesser one-horned rhino’, is only found in the lowland tropical rainforests of one location in the world, the Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia. It used to roam all over Asia from northern India, through to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and other Indonesian islands.

Unlike humans that have evolved steadily to the way we look today, the Javan Rhino is believed to have remained the same for over one million years. Quite amazing. In the wild they can live up to 35-40 years.

One mind-blowing fact is that, they are smaller than the Indian Rhino but still weigh about 1.5- 2.3 tonnes, which is about double the weight of an average car.

They have grey or grey- brown skin with thick folds making them appear like they are wearing armour for battle. However as they spend the day bathing in mud holes most of the time, their skin appear black.

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The Javan Rhino has a single horn measuring up to 20 cm long. That is just over the size of a pen or the width of an A4 paper. The Rhino uses its horn to scrape mud from the sides of wallows, to get food from plants and to protect its head when travelling through thick vegetation.

Like horse hooves, if the horn breaks off it will just grow back. The Javan Rhino has a pointed upper lip that helps it to grab food.

Javan Rhinos are herbivores (only eat vegetation). They eat a huge variety of different leaves, young shoots and twigs that grow in unshaded areas and they eat a lot of it. It is estimated that they eat up to 50kg (110 lb) every day. That equals the red meat that an average American eats in a whole year.

Do not approach a Javan Rhino! They are aggressive and will attack humans charging their long, sharp lower teeth into victims and potentially causing dangerous, often deadly wounds.

Unlike the other rhinos that are very vocal, the Javan Rhino is a quiet animal which has made it difficult to study. Instead of sound, the Javan Rhino communicates with the sense of smell using dung heaps and urine spraying. Sometimes, it drags the dung with its hind foot for several meters. Rhinos are generally solitary and noiseless animals other than mothers with their calves and pairs in courtship or breeding.

Pregnancy of a Javan Rhino lasts between 16-19 months. That is double the time it takes for a human to be born. What an amazing discovery.

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Message from the story

  1. Don’t remain as you are, be addicted to investing in your capacitity and capabilities. That is your stamina, that is your weight, that is your worth! It is estimated that a Javan Rhino eats up to 50kg (110 lb) every day. That equals the red meat that an average American eats in a whole year.
  2. The size of a person’s look at times may be misleading when compared to his/her substance and intellectual and productive “weight.” For example, the Javan Rhino is about the smallest of the Rhino’s family, yet it weighs 1.5- 2.3 tonnes, which is about double the weight of an average car.
  3. Do not be so bothered about your public acceptance, popularity or having the most publicity; what will fish you out, shine you forth and distinguish you some day, will be the weightiness of your delivery.