Let me try not to be too theatrical and just say this here, the new TECNO Spark 2 is a smartphone one should consider when deciding what new phone to buy. The large, bezel-less display is truly iconic and beautiful, and the screen quality? Excellent! The fingerprint scanner placed at the back of the phone is a good decision from TECNO again, as well as the facial recognition, which by the way, works perfectly.


For us, these aren’t the real deal, but the improved battery life and upgraded camera features whichare among the best you’ll find on a mid-level smartphone.

After spending somedays with the new Spark 2, I can boldly say that this smartphone should be a device any lover of gadgets should aspire to own, because the amazing camera, beautifully crafted design and huge battery life simply makes this baby a winner.


Let’s talk about the TECNO Spark 2 design

The smooth rear on the TECNO Spark 2, nestles perfectly in your palm, while the huge front screen glass shimmers as the light hits it. The device is available in four beautiful colours – a Bordeaux Red, Champaign gold, city blue and midnight blackMy favourite is the midnight black.


The Spark 2 is thin and incredibly light, but it feels sturdy and precisely made. A microSD slot continues to sit tucked away with the nano-SIM.

The TECNO Spark 2 is close to perfection—a device with Google’s Adnroid Go edition supporting all light versions of Android apps in the Google Play Store. Without breaking the bank, you can grab the Spark 2 and do great exploits—even light up your dream.

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A little more on the screen…

The display on the new Spark 2 is improved over the last Spark edition—it is spotting an 18:9 full screen display. This means you have the best display in any 2018 complaint smartphone.If you follow the TECNO story, you would know that they continually improve their screen technology as well as the camera.

Its 6.0-inch is full HD+ 2.5D. You will enjoy an immersive display.

It’s an 8MP selfie and 13MP rear CAMERA and you’d love it!

When it comes to smartphone cameras, TECNO Mobile is well known for breaking several boundaries, especially with the CAMON series and the 8/13MP camera that thisSpark 2 showcases, is extremely nice.


I literarily take pictures of anything and everything then I use the picture editing on the phone to make it look gorgeous (in fact this phone was created to help people slay for the gram). You don’t need to make up to have a makeover photo because the Spark 2 got you covered.Just take a picture and let the phone help you draw your brows and help with the contouring- Ladies, I’m certain you are smiling right now.

[To state this in the article, you need to follow with an image to further buttress the point]

The upgraded MIX FLASH 2.0  comes bundled, giving you an extra source of light when you are shooting selfies in the dark.  The Spark 2 doesn’t just come with a Mix flash, the rear camera increases brightness by more than 70%- amazing stuff!

On the TECNO Spark 2, the camera captures more light through an F/2.0 aperture. The bright flash illuminates in both low and high light to produce soft light which combines with customized algorithm to brighten your skin and give your image that natural touch that you so desire.

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More juice for users to enjoy

With a 3500mAh battery capacity on the new TECNO Spark 2, what else do users seek? Users will enjoy the latest Android Oreo Go version from Google.

New technologies

Other specs that make this smartphone one to have include an advanced Security Facial ID feature with a 700 MS unlock speed, an upgraded fingerprint picture snapper, this helps users capture their pictures with a single hand as the design of the smartphone has made it more convenient.