Virginity doesn’t make a lady a good wife, virtue does.

Virginity is the state of the body but virtue is the state of her heart.

You will break her virginity one day but will live with her virtues for life.

What will give you peace as a man is not the virginity of a lady but her virtues in life.

When you place your values on what is temporary, you will live to regret it when it has lost its value.

While you are free to decide whether you want her a virgin or not…I will rather suggest you go for a woman who will give you peace of mind and fulfillment in life.

Go for a woman who is industrious and responsible.

Go for a woman who will manage your resources and take good care of your children and you.

Go for a woman who will not compete with you but will complement you.

Go for a woman who understands your vision as a man and is willing to help you to see that vision become a reality.

Go for a woman who fears God and who understands the difference between a beautiful body and a beautiful heart.

Go for a woman who even in your old age you will be glad to call your companion, your partner and your bride.

Whether she is a virgin or not… Go for a lady who will bring out the very best in you and bring the very best to you.