One of the most important lessons that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that things do not always go our way. Under normal circumstances, as a student, you should have finished the semester much earlier while preparing for another one. However, due to the virus, you’ve had to spend more time learning at home.

Thankfully, even though you’re at home, you don’t necessarily have to watch your grades go downhill. You can still achieve academic excellence despite the new learning conditions. To help you learn how to do this, we’ll be sharing a few tips in today’s article.

Five Quick Tips to help if you’re learning at Home as a Student

1. Create a specific study area

Owing to the fact that you’re now schooling at home, it is possible that you’ll feel tempted to do whatever you have to do wherever you want to. However, this could be detrimental to your overall success. So, pick a specific part of the house where you’ll like to study. We’ll advise using a place that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. That way, you’ll be able to concentrate. In addition, keep your study area clean.

2. Complete your chores beforehand

In an African home, it is a known fact that the kids are a major part of the family workforce. So, to avoid the occasional yells to wash plates or clean the car, get it out of the way. You must do this before you start studying or it could become a major source of disturbance for you in the process.

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3. Create a Timetable

While at home, with nowhere else to go owing to the lockdown, it is easy to think that you have all the time in the world. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. If you will be learning at home, it is very important that you create a timetable. The timetable should specify your learning hours as well as playing hours. Additionally, if you aren’t subject to the school’s online learning schedule, your timetable should tell you which course you’ll be studying per day.

4. Remove distractions

You might think that you have absolute control over it. However, if we’re being honest, that mobile phone with your data on will be a major source of distraction. That TV you left on will bother you and it certainly doesn’t help if you keep listening to distracting music. So, when you want to study, turn off all distractions and focus. If you will be studying on your mobile device, ensure that you freeze your social media and games. At the very least, turn off notifications.

5. Rest adequately

It is one thing to procrastinate and get lazy about work. It is another thing entirely to overwork yourself because you want to achieve the most you can. We strongly advise that you don’t take either of these options. Get enough rest as often as is required. About six hours a day is pretty standard. A well-rested brain is a brain that can think properly.


Learning during the coronavirus pandemic is not the easiest thing. No doubt, if you’re used to going to school to learn physically, you might consider this quite challenging. However, you need to start adapting to this new reality. These five tips will help if you are looking to start learning at home.

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