Proverbs 4:18: “The steps of the just is like the shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day”

My life was making some progress but I still thought it was slow.
About this period I registered for a business plan competition. I was not expecting much but I just tried.
About 161,000 Nigerians altogether applied for the business plan competition. I was fortunate to be selected for the 3-day training.

The fact is that my sales copy writing skills really came handy. You know why? It is because a business plan is actually a sales letter.
All my years of honing my skills in writing presentations helped in getting me to be in the next 2,500 people. My business plan was to invest funds in my media, training and publishing company. I had applied for N10 Million.

I guess the competition organizers were having quite some difficulty picking the last 1,200. Since they had a lot of smart entrepreneurs (2,500), they decided to do the ultimate test: a 30-minute presentation to defend your business plan.
Yes, we had impressed them through our impressive written business plans but they now wanted to hear us speak. They wanted us to negotiate with and persuade them.

By this time, I had already grown in my public speaking abilities so much so that I had started receiving a number of speaking invitations across Nigeria.
My speaking fees ranged from N30,000 to N150,000, depending on the distance and the people involved. I got a good number of them in a month.
Even in my crisis period I had put together over 40 seminars around Nigeria and had a good number of public speaking students.
One of them was also a potential business plan awardee in that competition.
Her name? Dr Anabel Ibe.

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We met at the training and she knew that I was involved in public speaking training.
As our presentation period surely approached, she called me up and paid me a sum of money to teach her how to do an effective presentation, which I did.
We had to travel to Enugu for this presentation, to face a four-man panel. When it was my turn, I literally swept the panel off their feet. The panel was so impressed that they asked for my contact!
My focus on communication, my focus on effective writing and public speaking had paid off. It had made me a multimillionaire in a 30-minute presentation from that competition!

From a 30-minute presentation, I moved from being one who was managing, one who was being ridiculed, one who was just getting by, to one who could call China and negotiate the cost of machines in millions.
Dr. Anabel Ibe, my student, also got N10 million! This got me absolutely happy. It worked for somebody else too; before my very eyes.

Dr. Anabel Ibe, my student, also got N10 million! This got me absolutely happy. It worked for somebody else too; before my very eyes.
From applying everything I taught her, she got the very same result!
She didn’t have to spend years like I did. She just read my e-book, observed me, listened to my audios and compressed decades into days literally.

Why did I share this story?
To brag? No. (Laughs)
I actually shared this story to inspire you.
If after all my trial and process period, I became an achiever, I absolutely believe in you, and I know for sure that you should actually be an achiever as well. No matter what!

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