One thing you’ll find in any guide to shaving is that it is such a delicate procedure that some might even go as far as calling it an art. This is because you need to concentrate and do it just right so you don’t eventually mess up your face, among other places.

Strangely, despite its importance, there aren’t exactly a lot of men who know the proper way to shave. In fact, many understand the essentials of dressing well, but don’t quite know as much about shaving. For example, did you know that you’re meant to shave in the direction your hair grows?

In this guide to shaving, we’ll be walking you through the seven main steps of shaving. At the end, your skin will be as smooth as you can imagine!

Step 1: Hydrate your Skin

If you’ll be shaving with a razor, it is incredibly important that you pay particular attention to this part. Shaving sticks usually come with sharp blades and when they encounter bumps on your skin, they’ll simply keep cutting. Their Achilles heel, however, is a well-hydrated skin. So, ensure you apply just enough water to your skin before you start shaving. It’s advisable to use warm water as it helps to open up your pores.

Step 2: Apply Shaving Gel/Cream

Some people just go on to use the shaving stick, but this isn’t quite right as it doesn’t do the job as well as it should. So, before you start shaving, apply shaving cream or gel to your face. This will help to keep your hairs moisturized so that the shaving stick can pass over them properly.

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Step 3: Ensure your Blades are in Proper Condition

Carefully examine your blade to make sure that it is in a great shape. You don’t want it rusted and you definitely don’t want it dull.

Step 4: Start Shaving

This is the most important part. Ensure that you shave carefully, moving your stick in gentle and light strokes. You want to avoid cutting yourself as much as possible. The problem isn’t the pain. You’ll be able to handle that. The problem is the obvious shaving scar it could leave on your face.

Step 5: Rinse your Shaving Stick Frequently

This part pretty much goes without saying. If you don’t rinse, your blades will get clogged up with hair. You won’t get anything done and you’ll just be wasting your time.

Step 6: Don’t Shave Against the Grain

The grain here refers to the direction of hair growth. As stated earlier, what you’re supposed to do is to shave in the direction of the grain. This will help you cut your hair properly instead of pulling it in the opposite direction. If you shave against the grain, you’re likely to cut yourself.

Step 7: Rinse and Moisturize

When you’re done, rinse off the lather and the remaining hair particles on your face. Afterwards, we’ll advise that you apply a nice ‘after shave’.

To cap it all

You’ve done it! Your face is now smoother than ever. Just remember to do it frequently but not so much that you make your skin very irritable.

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