Ever heard the phrase “the man in charge?” I guess you must be somehow familiar with it. It simply represents a man that has exercised his dominion over certain situations and got a positive result from his actions. Taking charge is a form of leadership that requires meeting up to certain responsibilities that most people probably see as difficult or shy away from due to one excuse or the other. Being in charge does not require a man to always be at the top. This is the mistake many make, they have this idea that they can only be in charge if they are at the climax of their career, relationships or business.  Taking charge requires more than such fickle mentality. John Maxwell in one of his publications titled “The 360 Degree Leader” was of the opinion that “ninety-nine percent of all leadership occurs not from the top but from the middle of an organisation.” What a true leader needs is opportunities to display his inner qualities and to let the people around him know that he has something to offer different from the general idea. The fact remains that opportunities will always come, but it takes a man that is prepared to seize them. That can only be recognised by a leader.  A position will not automatically place you in the sphere of taking charge, but taking charge requires a conscious effort.

In another of Maxwell’s publication titled “Developing the Leader within you” he classified leadership into five levels. The first is leadership based on position, the second is based on permission, the third is based on production, the fourth is based on personal development and the fifth is based on personhood. Let me place this article in the proper context so that we can focus on the critical subject which is taking charge.

In as much as it is important that you display all this level of leadership, taking charge mostly requires the third level of leadership Maxwell classified, and it is leadership by production. Under this level of leadership, people follow because of what you have done for an organisation, a group or movement. This is where success is sensed by most people, where problems are fixed with very little effort or momentum.

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Although so many men want to be in-charge, but they find it very difficult, due to the stumbling blocks they have in their minds. The stone of such myth has to be rolled away first before they can be in charge. They forget that “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”  Due to the fact that most men are not taking charge, it has made the voice of the women to be louder, they express themselves more in leadership positions and other social circle. This is unbecoming because it simply means that most men are yet to be groomed to become “the man”. I believe that after reading this article you will have a different perspective about “being in charge”.

So, this question arises, what do I need to do to be in charge?

Renew your mind:

The mind is the centre hub, which determines the level of our success in life. Only a transformed mind can have a transformed life. “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” even the holy book admonishes this, and the continuation of that scripture says “So that you can know the acceptable and the perfect will of God.” Every situation is unique; they all have to be handled properly. When your mind is transformed, you immediately have the discerning ability to differentiate from what is acceptable and that which is perfect. And mostly what is acceptable is known by all, because that level of mind transformation is not intense or totally complete. Your ability to recognise that which is perfect for an organisation or movement puts you on a higher pedestrian of taking charge. At this level you are being celebrated.

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Redefine the situation:

Atmosphere speaks loud; the challenge is many don’t listen. A clergyman was speaking to a soldier that was hospitalised as a result of war. The clergyman said to the soldier “You have lost an arm in fighting for your country.” The soldier said “No, I did not lose it; I only gave it, because I believe in my country.”  Your ability to redefine situations is important; it helps you keep a positive mental attitude. You are faced with situations that so many people have tried and they are not getting the required result, if you are being invited to handle such situations, it is important that you redefine the situation and also face the challenge with an “I-can-do-it spirit.” That is the easiest way to get a different result from every other person. That soldier knew that the perspective the clergyman was coming from will only leave him sorrowful with a life of regret. He immediate countered the clergyman so that he can maintain a state of positive mental attitude.

Work diligently:

There is always a place for hard work. It is in the place of diligence that you will have the opportunity to take charge. What diligence does is to open you to a range of opportunities. Today, you hear people cry for lack of opportunities. As I said earlier opportunities abound everywhere, but it takes only a diligent hand to find them. ”See a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” For a man to stand before kings simply means that in the place of diligence his seizes every opportunity that situations present to him in such environment. Such life is bound to produce results.

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Commit your ways to God:

I wonder most times why people will take decisions to start a project in business or in the social sphere without committing it to the one who created all things including the project. Let God remain your primary focus, redefine every situation through the word of God, and then you will experience breakthrough and dominion in every sphere of leadership.

I conclude with this: your leadership will be celebrated on the other side, when you renew your mind, redefine your situations, work diligently and commit your ways to God. As you do this, the result will definitely speak and draw others to your vision and goal.