There is a popular quote from the good book that says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” I beg to also say, “Where there are no people the vision perishes.” To establish a vision, you need people. And not just people who know about the vision, but people who see it as a cause they can lay down their life for.

This is one big difference between a real leader and those who profess to be leaders. A leader is that man who runs with a vision in everything he does. He is committed to fulfilling his call as a leader.

The challenge today is that not every man runs with a vision. Some set out with no destination in mind. They are of the opinion that life happens and could take one to anywhere, while others are of the “Que sera sera (Whatever will be, will be) mindset.” This is a very dangerous mindset because it limits that individual to whatever is thrown his way. Instead of going out of his way to break from the norm, he accepts the norm as his reality.

This is why his achievement is limited because the quote of Joyce Meyer has been proven to be true that, “Your thought becomes your word and your attitude. Where the mind goes, the man follows.”

Every successful leader that you’ve ever known in career, business, family and so on all moved with a vision. They didn’t just set out hoping that luck will find them. They planned and had their vision engraved in their mind before they started out.

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It is important to note that the man who in all his dealings lacks vision is heading nowhere. And the danger is that, he might crash a whole ship of followers with him. Imagine a father without a vision for his home? Imagine a businessman without a vision for his business? Imagine a single without a clear vision that states what he stands for? Imagine a nation without a vision? It always results in disaster, peril, and then destruction because it will affect the leader and then his followers.

If you don’t want to live a life full of confusion and you want to be that man that runs with vision. Here are three tips to follow:

1. Ask yourself questions

Self evaluation and awareness is the first step you need to take. You need to ask yourself sincere questions like: what do I want for my home as a father? What kind of children do I want to raise as a woman? Where is my business heading as an entrepreneur? What do I want as an individual? These questions are very important because they help you frame what your vision will look like.

2. Write it down

 It is better to write your vision on paper than just have it in your brain or heart. You could forget due to other activities. Writing it down on paper helps you to put down things you might skip when ordinarily you don’t have them written down. It also helps you communicate it clearly to whoever is going to buy into the vision.

3. Make it clear

Making the vision clear is the final step you need to run with your vision. Your vision must not be confusing, but has to be clear and easily understood. It should be clear to the point where anyone who sees it can immediately know what the vision is all about.

The three steps above will help you run with a vision and perhaps you have a vision and the people around you are confused and don’t know what it is all about, then you should revisit it and make it clear.

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