In The Parable of Dollars, Sam Adeyemi draws out practical principles for financial success from the Bible story commonly referred to as “The Parable of Talents”. The book title is inspired by the fact that the talent was a currency used in the days of Christ just as the dollar is an international currency today. The author seeks to remind readers of the things they might have learnt on finances from the Bible while also igniting a spark that would motivate them to take practical steps towards proactive wealth creation. Starting on the premise that we are God’s stewards, Sam Adeyemi points out the fact that the money we have is not ours but was committed to our trust by the actual owner. Having this understanding, he says, is the starting point of financial breakthrough.

The author points out the need to recognise what God has given one to start off with, which could come in various forms such as physical strength, mental abilities, gifts, ideas, relationships and current income. He also emphasises the absolute importance of developing the ability to multiply money. “Develop the ability to multiply money. Financial success and wealth is not all about spending money; it is about making money,” he says. Sam Adeyemi further points out that money is transferred from those who do not treat it well to those who have learnt to multiply money by their trading skills. This is why, for instance, it is the tenants who ultimately foot the landlord’s bills.

The author observes that poor people believe in working for money while rich people prefer that money works them. He adds that one must produce much more than one consumes if one is to make headway financially, noting that  reversal of this principle would translate to indebtedness. Expounding on specific strategies for financial increase and wealth creation, The Parable of Dollars posits that the barest minimum one can do is to invest one’s money in a fixed deposit account. The author points out that savings account is not an option as it effectively reduces one’s money since the interest rate is usually too low to cater for the effects of inflation. He advises readers to engage in more viable forms of investment such as shares and stocks, real estate, sharpening one’s skills/acquiring new ones and launching out as an entrepreneur.

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Talking about the place of purpose, Sam Adeyemi points out that working in line with one’s personal values produces money because money flows in the direction of tireless energy that is generated from one’s passion. But much more than money, fulfilment and self-worth are other greater rewards. The author warns readers against adapting themselves to the mould that others have prepared for them. Rather, one should find alignment with one’s temperament needs, values and unique gift, honing and refining them to solve the problems of other people. Money, promotion and self-worth come from applying problem solving skills in the area of one’s life purpose.

Anyone seeking to build lasting wealth on a foundation of time-tested principles will find The Parable of Dollars very useful. The book fulfils its promise of helping the reader discover how to:

  • Build a wealth mentality
  • Develop financial intelligence
  • Break the poverty cycle
  • Make, multiply and manage money God’s way through wise investments
  • Discover and develop God-given gifts and abilities to release financial increase

With scriptural wisdom and illustrations that readers can readily relate with, the author presents a blueprint with which anyone can secure his/her financial future.