The Picture of a Leader

When you think of a leader, what comes to your mind?

Do you picture someone who makes you obey the rules?

Do you think of a henchman who wants you to work without pay?

Unpleasant experiences have made people have a wrong picture of who a leader should be.

The fact remains that there are positional leaders. But not everyone who finds his or her self in a position is a leader.

The story of Adam Crougher gives an in-depth explanation to this.

Adam was a senior security chief working with Tabert Security Systems. He worked for twelve years and was ready to get married. Meanwhile, he saved his life earnings for  an investment that would cater for his financial needs when he gets married.

Adam discerned he could lead someone else.

Leadership starts from the point where you realise it is time to lead. When you get to that level, then your heart has taken form and is ready to journey into what is called responsibility.

Adam got married to Stella Maris a gynaecologist at Soprehat Homes. Everything went on fine, and just two years into the marriage, Stella fell ill.

Stella got diagnosed with a brain tumour. This posed a big challenge for Adams as he had to balance the frustrations of work and his personal life.

Adam faced challenges at home because Stella’s ill health expended large chunk of his finances.

They exhausted their insurance on her health and she became worried because the bill for her health was so expensive.

Her doctor placed her on a house rest. She needed to pay $5000 for an injection to keep the tumour from growing every week. She became depressed, always crying on her bed.

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The doctor told her to stay away from stress.

Adam took it upon himself to always keep Stella happy. Adams will encourage her, have fun with her and make sure he pays her bills.

Although, it wasn’t easy for Adam he kept paying the bills doing everything within his power to make sure his wife’s treatment wasn’t stalled.

A leader is supposed to do everything within his power to meet the needs of his followers. Whether as an entrepreneur, business owner, or a father. You are supposed to meet the needs of your follower.

For Adam even though the sickness of Stella had taken so much from him, it was a call to sacrifice when he said “Yes I do” to her at the altar.

Adam’s broker sent him a bad news.

His broker told him he had lost all the investment he made with Croline Financing and his real estate investment with Jupta Line.

It was a big blow to Adams because it was his only hope of continuing to service his wife’s health bill since they had run out of their health insurance.

Unknown to Adam, the owners  of Croline Financing and Jupta Line made those investments fail.

They  created fake loans that didn’t exist to deceive prospective investors. It was a selfish ambition for these business owners.

The owners of Croline Financing and Jupta Line might be successful businessmen, but they are not leaders.

They never cared about the effect of what their decisions would be on prospective investors. They appear on the cover of magazines, make the headlines of every newspaper, but are far from being called leaders.

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Adam had more reasons to be frustrated or even end his relationship with Stella, but he went on.

Stella was surprised because to the best of her knowledge, they had run out of their insurance cover.

Anytime Adam returned from work, Stella would say:

“Hey boy who was your day?”

Against the frustrations of work and his present financial state, Adams would keep calm and answer:

“Sweetheart my day was awesome, and I made payment for next treatment.”

Anyone who cannot pay the ultimate sacrifice of denying self needs to meet the needs of others only has a title and is not a leader.

“Adam, we can’t keep having you around,”

“We have to let you go, it has become clear you have financial challenges. And we don’t want to lose our clients,”

“Once our clients get to know of your financial challenges, they might want to take away their money from us.”

“I’m sorry we have to let you go this way, despite the challenges you are facing,” says Tony Hanston, Adam’s boss.

Adam lost his job because of his financial challenges.

While on his way home, he received a call from the doctor, to come for a briefing on his wife’s health.

When he met with the doctor, he said to him:

“Adam, at the last scan on Stella’s brain, we noticed that the tumour has gone, but the cancerous growth had affected her kidneys.”

“We didn’t know how it happened, but for her to stay alive; she requires a kidney transplant.”

Adam without thinking offered to donate one of his kidneys.

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The doctor carried out the operation.

During the surgical operation, there were complications that led to the death of Adams while Stella came out alive.

Adam paid the supreme price to save Stella.

The story of Adam reflects  a quote of George W. Bush, former president of the United States of America:

“Leadership to me means duty, honour, country. It means character, and it means listening from time to time.”