Looking at the make-up of every society, marriage is an institution by God that cuts across all climes whether ancient or modern. It has been ordained by God for a man to leave his parents and cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. The practice is different from one society to the other as traditions have taken over most of the prerequisite and grounds that must be fulfilled before entering into marriage. No matter the practice in any society, we must look at the Biblical roles of a man to make their marriage heaven on earth. This draws us to these tips;

The 7 ’nots’ of man that can make your marriage work

  1. You must not correct your wife in public: one of the habits of a man in marriage that can make that marriage thrive is the ability of the man to adopt a private correction model. The man has been given the authority by God to be the head of the family, as such, such privilege must not be abused. Women often see it as an abuse when corrected publicly by their husbands. Private rebukes make her trust and respect you as a man. It shows the kind of maturity they look for in a man.
  2. Do not leave her to perform a hard task alone: God does not just make man the head of the family, there are responsibilities attached to it. There are tasks in our homes that are exclusively meant for men to perform. If such tasks are left in the hands of a woman, she might get tired of the marriage easily. The Shunamite woman was at home with her child while the husband was in the field.
  3. Do not resist her suggestions outrightly: for any marriage to last, the man must be full of wisdom when it comes to taking decisions. Most times the suggestions from your spouse may not be good at that point in time, learn to appreciate her opinion and tell her in love while the suggestion may not be good at that point in time and always accept the good ones. It builds intimacy and sense of belonging.
  4. Do not fail to appreciate her good gestures: women love it when their kind gestures are recognised and appreciated. When you appreciate any little act of kindness, they will want to do more. No matter how little or small that act of kindness, appreciation makes them feel good and loved.
  5. Do not make her feel inferior or insecure: a lot of men are weak in this regard, but you must make conscious efforts to make her feel important by not making the mistake of comparing her with people that may expose her insecurities. Before your family members, protect her and portray her in a good light.
  6. Do not forsake your fellowship with her: fellowshipping makes her trust you. One of the ways of creating healthy environment for your marriage to thrive is by constant fellowshipping. Do not be mistaken that fellowship is all about praying together, but being her company in all her undertakings and being part of her everyday life.
  7. Do not stop making provisions for your home: Some men may be easily carried away when they find out that their spouse earns more money than they earn. Be deliberate in providing for your home. It builds confidence in them and makes them feel secured.
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Sunday Egbowon