Hello gentlemen! It’s another Wednesday and it feels so good to have you reading my article again. Today, I’d be telling you some of the things every woman wants to hear from her man. But, before that, remember that I am still your favourite female blogger from Virtue Digest, and you can click here to read on things every man wants to hear from his woman.

Moving on, more than anything, women dislike awkward or tense conversations because it makes us feel rigid. After all, what do we gain if we are not free to speak our minds in the face of our partners? Therefore, we say no to “bad and sleepy” conversations because we want you to be able to talk to us properly. That way, we know what’s on your mind and we don’t always have to keep guessing.

Now, we, women, want to hear so many things from our men, but I will be discussing the significant ones today. They are:

1. Compliments

Have you ever wondered why women send their pictures to their partner without him requesting it? It is because we want to hear those nice compliments from you. Compliments are essential for creating the type of desirable emotions that a woman wants to experience around you.

Therefore, learn to say sweet words like, “you look beautiful baby,” “you are a great conversationalist, and it is really easy to talk to you.” To really impress her, you can say, “you are the smartest woman I have met in a long time.” These compliments make a woman feel great and safe with her man. Women want to hear these words often.

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2. Owning up to your faults.

I understand that some men can have quite an ego and to get a man to admit that he is wrong could be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. But, for you to actually admit that you are wrong and to say that we are right is something every woman wishes she could hear more often.

3. Apologies

Justin Bieber hit the nail on the head when he sang, “is it too late now to say sorry?” Sincerely, it’s better late than never because getting an apology from men is really rare. But, we still want to hear it because it can make a difference.

4. Emotional Honesty

Every woman wants her man to talk to her about any issue bothering him or any step he is about to take. It is not necessary for you to agree with it, but knowing that you want to hear what she has to say means the world to her. We just want you to value our opinion.

5. Appreciation

It is nice to hear, “thank you,” or “I appreciate you” every once in a while. Women juggle work and family life (even if we are not married, we still have other issues to deal with), which can be very stressful and exhausting. Therefore, we want to know that our hard work is appreciated and recognized.

6. Reassurance

Lastly, it is a bit cliché, but we want to hear you say that we are your one and only. Just like the fairy tales, it makes us feel complete. So, never say never to your woman. Make her special and always say sweet words to her.

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That’s all for today. I’ll see you again next week. Before you leave, don’t forget to click the link to read on things every man wants to hear from his woman.