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Since mobile technology came into existence, new trends have been emerging with new devices manufactured to meet consumers’ needs. Today, the phones we have are fascinating with amazing functions that can make users virtually glued to them all day. A lot of things that the personal computer does is what android phones and tablets now do. This article uses an eagle’s eye to examine the specifications every user must check before deciding to buy his/her next dream android phone. We would be examining 5 of those things here:

1. Battery life: I am writing from my home country in Nigeria, and I know that some of the people reading this article are probably not going to see this as an issue because of the electricity situation in their country. Well, even those that have constant power supply still need phones with long battery life because you can’t be charging your phone all the time. That said, when you want to buy your next phone, check for the battery life which is written in ‘mHa’. The higher the better, if you have a phone that has up to 12,000mHa you phone must be ‘the phone’.

2. RAM: The meaning of RAM is Random Access Memory. The RAM is the place where your phone stores the Operating System’s core apps, which are currently in use, such that when you quit an application and want to use it again, it would load faster. RAM is what determines the speed of your device. This matters a lot if you do not want your phone to ‘hang or jam’ as some call it. RAM is measured in byte. RAM of 1gb is not a bad idea.

3. Android Version: The Operating System of your device matters a lot. Software developers introduce new versions of existing softwares regularly and some new apps are created to work with the new software. It only makes common-sense that if you are going to buy a new phone, it should be one that has the latest operating system. The latest Android OS which is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow should probably be your choice. Having the latest OS would give you a better user interface, give you access for more apps and make your apps more stable, secure and reliable.

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4. Internal Memory: Any phone to be bought should have a good internal memory. It is where elements like installed apps, contacts, bookmarks, etc. are stored. The least space I would advise you to have for your android device should be 2gb. The bigger the better, it’s advisable that you move your heavier apps to your SD card for keeps.

5. Camera Quality: When I look around me, I see fascinating things everywhere which I just want to snap. Most people feel this way too, but not everyone feels bad because their phones have good cameras that can help them relieve such moments. A phone with a good camera is an asset any day. If you are a fashion freak or something like that and you like snapping pictures regularly, please make this one of the things to check before you buy your next phone.

That said, it’s up to you to make your choice. What are the things you look out for? Feel free to discuss!

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